The SVP launches an initiative “for the protection of borders” –

The SVP launches an initiative “for the protection of borders” –
The SVP launches an initiative “for the protection of borders” –

Meeting on Saturday in an extraordinary assembly in Basel, the delegates of the SVP decided to launch a new initiative “for the protection of the borders”. The main objective of this text is to establish systematic control at the country’s borders and to drastically limit the number of asylum requests in Switzerland.

The initiative, presented to the delegates by the Zug National Councilor Thomas Aeschi, was unanimously accepted by the delegates present. It provides for people entering Switzerland to be systematically checked at the borders. If this measure is not compatible with an international agreement, the Federal Council must renegotiate it. If the negotiation does not succeed, Switzerland must then denounce this agreement.

The Schengen and Dublin agreements in the sights

The initiative stipulates that entry and asylum will not be granted to people arriving in Switzerland through a safe third country. In fact, only people arriving on Swiss territory by plane could submit an asylum application. The text also provides that the Federal Council can set a quota of 5,000 asylum procedures per year maximum.

The implementation of the initiative would be in contradiction with the Schengen and Dublin agreements. The people and the cantons approved the association with these agreements in 2005. These agreements, which entered into force 15 years ago, concern the free movement of people and the area of ​​asylum. The Schengen area currently has 29 member states.

“It is now up to the population to act”

“By protecting our borders, we are protecting our homeland,” argued the new president Marcel Dettling during the opening speech of the assembly. “We have lost control of our borders for a long time. We no longer know who is entering our country,” declared the Schwyz national councilor, who took over the reins of Switzerland’s leading party two months ago.

For Marcel Dettling, “the borders are no longer protected” and “the asylum chaos continues unabated” and is accompanied by an increase in crime. “The other parties in Parliament “are preventing our solutions. It is now up to the population to act,” said the Schwyz resident. It is for this reason that the party is launching the popular initiative “Stop asylum abuses (border protection initiative)”.

A large police presence was visible all around the Basel Fair Congress Center where the extraordinary meeting of the SVP took place. A group of around twenty people protested in front of the building with banners criticizing the SVP’s migration policy.

In March, the SVP tabled another initiative for stricter immigration control. The “No Switzerland for 10 million!” initiative calls for the Federal Constitution to be supplemented by a new article on “sustainable demographic development”. If the text were accepted, the permanent resident population of Switzerland should not exceed ten million people by 2050.

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