Oise: this road closed for three days after the collapse of a building


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May 25, 2024 at 10:11 a.m.

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It was almost 8:20 a.m. Wednesday May 22, 2024 when a cloud of dust invaded Rue Nationale in Trie-Château, just a few meters from the fortified gate of the town.

The wall of a farmhouse had just collapsed onto the sidewalk, under the stunned gaze of a passerby who was walking his dog.

Inside the building, a pile of stone and a hole in the wall are visible. ©L’Impartial

No victims

Fortunately, the man witnessed the scene safely on the opposite sidewalk.

The fall of the wall caused no casualties.

Since the disaster, the road has been blocked in both directions, and the fortified gate is no longer accessible to traffic.

Grilles surround the site of the disaster during the work which will allow the destruction of the remaining section of wall and the framework.

Part of the wall collapsed onto the sidewalk and Rue Nationale. ©L’Impartial

Water infiltration

Although no one was present on the site at the time of the disaster, work was underway to renovate a barn into housing.

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“Water infiltration with the weather in recent days led to the collapse of the wall.”

The owner

Work related to the foundations was in progress at the time of the disaster.

According to the owner, the destruction of the building could be completed as early as this Saturday, May 25, 2024, allowing the road to reopen.

On the municipality side, we want to be more cautious.

“We are considering reopening the road by Monday May 27.”

Laurent Desmeliers, mayor of Trie-Château
collapsed house sorts castle 2024
A project to renovate this barn into housing was underway at the time of the disaster. ©L’Impartial

Many services seized

From the day of the disaster, the firefighters, gendarmes, services of the Department of Oise and the municipality of Trie-Château coordinated with the owner in order to secure the site as quickly as possible and organize a diversion of the road. common.

collapsed house sorts castle 2024
A traffic diversion has been organized. The medieval gate is inaccessible. ©L’Impartial

“I thank all the stakeholders who were really there from the first minutes” testifies the owner of the collapsed farmhouse.

His housing project has not been abandoned, however.

“We will have to adapt, and instead of renovating the building, we will have to rebuild. But we will do it, respecting the style of the buildings and reusing as much as possible the stones that have collapsed.”

collapsed house sorts castle 2024
The framework visible from the street after the collapse must be destroyed. ©L’Impartial

In the meantime, the work in progress will include securing the gable of the adjoining house of the partially destroyed building.

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