Compromised medical monitoring: the Quebec University Hospital checked half of the files

The CHU de Québec-Université Laval says it has so far verified more than half of the 5,800 patient files whose medical follow-up was compromised following human error. The vast majority were found to be compliant.

As of Friday, 2 p.m., the teams of University Hospital had verified 50.4% of targeted patient files. In 96.8% of cases, no anomaly was detected. However, one hundred and two files presented non-compliance.

These are prioritized and are undergoing a medical re-evaluation process in order to determine the therapeutic course of action to take.specifies public relations specialist Michèle Schaffner-Junius in an email to Radio-Canada.


She adds that two files required an appointment to be made. The patients concerned will be met over the coming days.

THE University Hospital also announces having received more than 550 calls from patients wanting to check their records. However, most of the callers were not affected by the breakdown in the transmission of medical requests.


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Medical requests to have an exam, consult a specialist or obtain a follow-up appointment with his family doctor were never transmitted. (Archive photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada

The establishment recalls that the problem affects patients in the external clinics of internal medicine, endocrinology and ophthalmology of the Enfant-Jésus Hospital who obtained a request between September 4 and May 10. .

Manipulation error

Due to an entry error, requests to have an exam, consult a specialist or obtain a follow-up appointment with your family doctor were never sent.

To enable its users to get the correct time, the University Hospital made a telephone line available to them. The establishment invites them to call 418 525-4444, extension 82933, Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Outside of these hours and when the lines are all busy, it is possible to leave a voice message. THE University Hospital ensures that one of its professionals will call back as soon as possible.


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The sectors affected by this incident are the internal medicine, endocrinology and ophthalmology outpatient clinics of the Enfant-Jésus Hospital. (Archive photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Croteau-Langevin

Moreover, in order to speed up the follow-up of the voicemail and the dedicated telephone line, additional staff have been added to the weekend schedule.

THE University Hospital further mentions having sent, on Friday, 1,907 emails and 264 text messages to patients targeted by this situation for whom he had an email address and/or a cell phone number.

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