37 stab wounds, “ingested” pieces of neon: the trial of a “heinous” murder in Pau

37 stab wounds, “ingested” pieces of neon: the trial of a “heinous” murder in Pau
37 stab wounds, “ingested” pieces of neon: the trial of a “heinous” murder in Pau

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“We are talking about a man who was severely beaten, dragged down the stairs of his home, stabbed, and who was made to ingest, while he was alive, pieces of neon,” insisted the lawyer for the civil parties. , who will be replaced at the hearing by Me Carole Viellenave. The facts allegedly occurred during one night in October 2020, in the victim’s apartment, residence of Noailles-Casteret, rue Léon Say in Pau.

A knife in the throat

The macabre discovery comes from a report from an addiction prevention association. A man, followed by this structure, reported the confidences received from his ex-partner, Leïla Abaiji, 51 years old. She allegedly confided to him that she had stabbed Renaud L. who was sheltering her and had taken a liking to this mother of three children. The latter is also followed by the association and did not honor his appointment for the day nor answer the phone.

On October 16, the police raided an apartment in a filthy state. But one area at the foot of the stairs appears to have been “cleaned.” Leila is present, agitated. Renaud’s room, upstairs, is locked. The police will pass through the balcony to arrive at the sinister discovery.

The judicial police quickly suspected the involvement of Leïla, whom her son and his ex-partner then helped to move the body and make two knives disappear. They will be found, following their directions, in a pond in Beaumont Park.

Versions will quickly diverge between mother and son. Sofiane Maxime Triboulet, 19 years old at the time, says he removed “a bread knife stuck in the throat” of the victim. He was allegedly called by his mother after the crime. On the contrary, she says that it was her son who made her roll down the stairs before kicking her twice “in the face”, while leaning on the banister of the stairs. But at the end of the confrontation, Leïla affirms that her son “did nothing” and that she is “the only one guilty”.

A torment “

“At that time, she could not accuse her own child,” explained Leïla’s lawyer, Me Anna Raina, before the investigating chamber. Because since then, the mother has designated her son as the sole author of the crime. “I’m not going to spend 20 years in prison for his face,” she reportedly declared.

The confessions of both the mother and the son only explain part of the victim’s torment. The instruction comes to the conclusion of “the intervention of several people and not of a single individual”.

Arguments opposed by the son’s defense, provided by Parisian lawyer Jean-Baptiste Colombani, who had notably questioned the hours of Sofiane Maxime’s presence in the apartment. In a judgment handed down last September, the investigating chamber indicated that the material evidence and the video surveillance images placed both the mother and the son “together at the crime scene, before, during and after the crime “.

They should continue to face each other during the five days of trial which promise to be trying for the civil parties. . Leïla’s lawyer, Me Anna Raina, had already been able to identify “inconsistencies and questions which may not be answered”. The verdict is expected next Friday.



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