Vaucluse: the department is preparing for a fiery party (Video)

Seven stages, five towns crossed, three emblematic sites, a unique concert as well as guests and local porters, recognized in sport, this is the program which will take place on June 19, 2024 in the Vaucluse department on the occasion of the passage of the Olympic flame. Festivities which were presented this Thursday, May 23 at the Hôtel du Département by Cécille Helle, mayor of Avignon and Dominique Santoni, president of the Vaucluse Department, in the company of the mayors of each commune who will host this historic event.

The countdown is inexorably approaching its end. In less than four weeks, the Olympic flame will cross the department of Vaucluse and its five communes of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Mont Ventoux (town of Bédoin), Orange, Sorgues and finally Avignon with a burning of the cauldron as a finale which will take place at 7:20 p.m. at the foot of the Saint-Bénézet bridge.

“This flame will pass through the historic communes of our department. We want a beautiful day, a beautiful celebration on our territory which is a land of sport and culture, when we see how Marseille welcomed the flame, we say to ourselves that there is a real challenge for us to take on.” begins Dominique Santoni, president of the Department of Vaucluse alongside Cécille Helle, mayor of Avignon, the mayors of the municipalities who will welcome the flame and all the torchbearers and bearers already announced.

A mess of sporting events

It will all start in Rustrel, from 8:30 a.m. in Les Ocres with the arrival of the flame which will be somewhat confidential since it is closed to the public for security reasons. “Provençal Colorado is a site which can be subject to forest fires and which is difficult to access, we cannot take the slightest risk. Nevertheless, we are proposing a retransmission of the images to all the Rustreliens in the town hall and several photographs will be taken to engrave this memory in the Vauclusian memory” announces Pierre Tartanson, mayor of the town.

The flame will then be in the town of Apt for a 3.3 km stage from 9 a.m. to 9:55 a.m. with 16 bearers who will take turns. In this exceptional year of Olympic Games on national territory, all the departmental stakeholders wanted to celebrate the values ​​of sport by offering numerous activities on this day of June 19. Thus, the city of Apt will offer after the passage of the flame mini basketball tournaments in front of the Giono and Bosco schools as well as volleyball, badminton, table tennis workshops and dance and cheerleading demonstrations.

DR: Department of Vaucluse

Sorgues already in Olympic mode

This will only be the beginning of a very lively day throughout the Vaucluse department. The flame will then continue its journey through Isle-sur-la-Sorgues to the La Sorguette campsite, the Vaucluse commune crossed by La Sorgue was keen to highlight its environment with a view to the sporting activities offered through an update. the honor of water “we will have a certain number of demonstrations from our canoe kayak club CCKI during the passage of the flame which will bring all the vitality to our city” rejoices Pierre Gonzalvez, mayor of Isle-sur- la-Sorgues.

After passing through Mont Ventoux and the town of Bédoin where an ascent of the “Giant of Provence” organized by the French Cycling Federation will be carried out by around fifty female cyclists, the flame will cross Orange then Sorgues where 1,200 children will await it at the Municipal park. For the town of 18,000 inhabitants, the festivities and events linked to sport have already started and will continue before the passage of the flame as explained by Thierry Lagneau “we have already had an exhibition at the cultural center from May 6 to 22 on the theme of sports words, then on May 25, we are organizing a day on the theme of health sport and on June 10, the students of the Maillaude school will perform a play called Andolympie and on the big day, we will also have a big BMX show at 9:30 p.m. of which we are very proud.”

For the people of Avignon, a day of celebration… and traffic

For all the inhabitants of Avignon, the day of June 19 will not be forgotten any time soon. 7.6 km of course, the longest course in France, 37 porters and a host of sporting and cultural activities to celebrate this historic day which will end with fireworks with the Bob Sinclar concert, in the parking lot of the Oulle.

The departure of the Olympic flame will take place from the Plaine des Sports at 5:45 p.m. On the sports complex, located at 185 Avenue Pierre Sémard, cross-fit, BMX, tennis, judo, rugby, street art and music events will punctuate the D-day with the organization of other events as well. of disabled sports on several activities “these Olympic Games are also disabled sports games, it is important to remember this, that is why we have this type of workshops and porters who are important representatives of disabled sports on our Vauclusian lands” recalled Cécile Helle, mayor of Avignon.

Before arriving with fanfare at the Pont d’Avignon, a BMX show performed by Team Starlight Stunt Show will be performed on the square in front of the SNCF station and a freestyle football show will be offered on the Place du Petit Palais. Avignon, land of sport but also land of culture, will also offer cultural activities at the Jean-Louis Barrault library with an exhibition and a cultural Olympiad.

As mentioned previously, a special system will be put in place for this unprecedented day in terms of traffic. Traffic will also be modified with a passage along the edges of the alleys of l’oulle closed from 9 a.m. in the Pontet/Courtine direction then in both directions from 2 p.m. The Europe Bridge will not undergo any changes and will remain accessible all day.

Thanks to the support of Greater Avignon, all public transport (bus and tram) will operate and will be completely free on that day. “I call on the responsibility of all Vauclusians to ensure that this celebration is a total success. We do everything we can to offer viable and easily accessible solutions; we recommend that you use the park and ride facilities where numerous shuttles will be made available to you,” says Cécile Helle.

DR: Department of Vaucluse

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