“We need support and money”: Two Lot-et-Garonnais who became professional golfers speak about their first season on the circuit

“We need support and money”: Two Lot-et-Garonnais who became professional golfers speak about their first season on the circuit
“We need support and money”: Two Lot-et-Garonnais who became professional golfers speak about their first season on the circuit

Julien Lefèbre and Claude Churchward are two from Lot-et-Garonnais who joined the professional golf world by participating in the PGT. To pursue their goal, they need to find sponsors to finance their career.

The beginning of a dream. This is what we can think for these two young golfers in their first year in the professional world. By joining the PGT, Professional Golf Tour, they gain access to the antechamber of the biggest European golf competitions. Claude Churchward is 23 years old, he is from Albret, and has started in the PGT since January, just like his compatriot, Julien Lefèbre, 23 years old, from Agen by birth and he too has landed in the prestigious European tournament since the start of ‘year.

Julien Lefèbre in action

The first sensations

It was the beginning of the professional world for the two Lot-et-Garonnais. The Professional Golf Tour is one of those competitions that immerses amateur players in the professional world. One of the things to keep in mind is above all a European competition and therefore, organizing their career is the first test for these young golfers. “There is a huge difference between managing a career in the amateur and professional world. When we travel, we must be able to find a hotel, rental cars, among other things take care of everything that is administrative” admitted Julien Lefèbre. The level of play rises upon arriving at this PGT circuit. “As an amateur, only ten people have the ability to win a tournament. In pro, almost half of the participants are capable of winning the title” affirms Claude Chuchward. The objective before the end of the year is therefore to be among the top 5 best ranked, among the 150 other golfers, to claim promotion to the higher division, the Challenge Tour.

In terms of results, for a first year, no disaster in sight. Both players are making their mark and progressing in each of their tournaments. Claude Chuchward even managed to finish first in two stages on the last stage in Austria. Currently in 30th place for Claude and 96th place for Julien, the two French people now see the second part of the season in a different light. “My results are complicated at the moment, my morale has taken a hit, but I have to stay focused until the end of the season to improve my performances and seek a victory!” reveals Julien Lefebre. “For a first season it’s going relatively well. I’m a competitor, of course the climb is in the back of my mind. Victory is above all the most important thing” expresses Claude Chuchward on this end of half of the season.

Financial support and sponsors

One of the other challenges for these amateur players who discover the professional circuit is the quest for sponsors to finance their seasons. “We need companies that support us to finance transport, training and rentals. I am already lucky to have my Boé Bon-Encontre club supporting me and a few sponsors like the Tolot insurance firm in Agen. Without this support, we can already draw a line under our career” explains Julien Lefèbre, always looking for other sponsors to support his career. Currently, they are in the most difficult period of their professional career. Finding sponsors as well as achieving great performances requires a lot of seriousness for these two young men. The first companies have already supported the project in both Lot-et-Garonnais. “To name a few supports, my Albret golf club which supports me in my project or the BDM Walter France consultancy firm in Marmande” indicates Claude Churchward, who is also looking for other support.

Do not hesitate to contact them if you would like to support them.

Julien Lefèbre: [email protected], Claude Churchward: claudechurchward (Instagram)



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