the disciplinary section of the establishment referred

the disciplinary section of the establishment referred
the disciplinary section of the establishment referred

Eight students from Sciences Po Paris were referred to this section for events which took place last March during a rally for Palestine in an amphitheater.

The school was plunged into turmoil on March 12. 300 pro-Palestinian activists gathered as part of a “day of European university mobilization for Palestine”, and occupied the amphitheater.

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The management then indicated that a student from the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) had “was prevented from accessing the amphitheater” and “accusatory remarks” had been pronounced at the podium against the association. The UEJF then denounced anti-Semitic remarks, a version contested by the Palestine committee of Sciences Po.

The internal investigationmade it possible to establish the conduct of acts and remarks contrary to our regulations and the values ​​of Sciences Po“, indicated the provisional administrator of Sciences Po, Jean Bassères, in a message Thursday to the school’s employees and students.

Among these acts, we include the occupation of the amphitheater, the screening of a student at the entrance, comments of a discriminatory nature made against“of the UEJF,”comments denigrating Sciences Po and its staff as well as an act of intimidation against a teacher“, he continues.

Concerning the fact that the sentence “Don’t let her in, she’s a Zionist“has been pronounced,”the various hearings confirm that three students declared having heard such a sentence in the immediate vicinity of the amphitheater, but in different variations“, he explains.

The investigation unit therefore did not “not been able to identify the author(s) of these comments“, he adds.

The eight students referred to the disciplinary section risk up to exclusion from higher education for five years, according to management.

The UEJF welcomed the decision of Sciences Po to refer the matter to the disciplinary commission, “an important step against hatred at university“, according to her.

This important decision must result as quickly as possible in absolutely firm sanctions. The serenity of Jewish students at Sciences Po and on French campuses is at stake.“, she continued on X.

The Sciences Po Student Union, for its part, deplored this referral. “What are they accused of? Having organized a conference for a morning in an amphitheater!“, he denounced in a press release, regretting “a real witch hunt” and one “double standards from management shouting“.

Several student mobilizations for Gaza have taken place since March on the campuses of Sciences Po Paris, the epicenter of the movement in France, echoing the mobilization on American campuses.



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