Tourism, what Sandrine Defour offers between 2 hikes

Posted on May 24, 2024 by Le Réveil du Vivarais

For tourism, with the return of fine weather and the May holidays, professionals are hard at work welcoming the first visitors and offering them the many possibilities for natural and gastronomic discoveries in the region.

Tourism: only qualified tour guide

Sandrine Defour, tour guide, has already planned and organized her visit programs, fixed the circuits she will take, the meal breaks and tastings she will offer, without forgetting the remarkable sites, landscapes or built heritage, which she will show and comment.

Independent guide

The tourist season will be busy, and spring is the period that Sandrine Defour prefers. The air is fresh, nature explodes with colors and scents, the light is soft and the trails are not yet overused.

She will combine her schedule between excursions and cruises on the Rhône, with boating companies.

But she will also devote many days to accompanying groups through the hillsides and vineyards for gourmet walks.

The only qualified tour guide in Vivarais, she works a lot with tourism operators, in particular with the Vivarais Tourist Offices to whom she offers her discovery services of this territory which is so close to her heart.

Satillian, independent guide, she prefers to enjoy this professional freedom which allows her to carry out the projects that she likes or that resemble her most.

“If his situation is a little more comfortable, an employed guide must provide the services that his employer asks of him. I feel much more comfortable with the projects that I have chosen, she confides. I wear them more convincingly, I invest myself much more, much better. »

His favorite service is to take visitors to the hillsides for gourmet walks. These are full-day or half-day hikes, accompanied by breaks to taste the quality products that the area offers.

Stops at winegrowers and producers offer a unique experience of indulgence and relaxation to visitors, whether in a group or with family. Sandrine Defour specifies: “One might think that wine tastings are favored by a male audience. It is not so. I very often accompany groups of women in wine tourism events. Between friends, they enjoy discovering splendid landscapes and enjoying a rare moment of conviviality around a high-end product.”

Ambassador of Vivarais

Sandrine Defour wants to be an ambassador of Vivarais. If she puts her passion for the great outdoors and oenology at the service of visitors, it is first of all an extraordinary opportunity for her to discover her region, which she tells and describes with color and enthusiasm. She knows how to stop in the middle of nature, present a wild species, a protected variety, and enrich her speech with surprising and fascinating historical anecdotes which have built the heritage of the territory. But Sandrine Defour has many ideas that she wishes to develop, from this perspective, in conjunction with producers, hosts, winegrowers and cultural actors.

Wine meetings coming soon

She wants to offer a tourist product that she has called Les Rendez-Wine. A three-day concept where tourists would attend a show on Friday evening, such as a jazz concert. Saturday would be devoted to walks and discoveries of historical or natural heritage, enhanced with local wine and gastronomic tastings. Sunday would start with a big brunch and an easier walk. Furthermore, she would like to offer families evening walks to a summit to admire the sunset. Great projects in perspective.

Hikers discover breathtaking landscapes. –
The natural wealth of the territory. –
Tourism: Sandrine Defour takes groups on gourmet walks.
Sandrine Defour takes groups on a gourmet stroll. –


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