They are back in Chaumont for the 2nd round of the French enduro championship

They are back in Chaumont for the 2nd round of the French enduro championship
They are back in Chaumont for the 2nd round of the French enduro championship

After two years of absence, the best enduro riders are in Chaumont, Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26, for the second round of the French championship. There’s going to be a show!

After Rocroi, in the Ardennes, in April, place in Chaumont, Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26. Two years after the last organization of such an event, Francis Fels, the president of Chaumont enduro 52, and his faithful acolytes are doing it again. “One hundred and twenty people from the club and around twenty from neighboring clubs” did not count their hours to prepare for this event, as Francis Fels confirms. “That represents six months of preparation for twenty to thirty people every Saturday.”

It must be said that, for this second round of the French championship, everything must be ready to welcome 330 drivers… and the best!

Indeed, as there are only five rounds and the second took place in Rocroi, some drivers wish to confirm their good performances in the Ardennes, while others aspire to “recover” the points lost during the round. inaugural, at the end “a difficult race. »

A hell of a plateau

It won’t be a cakewalk either, Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26 on “a reverse route to last time”with three special stages on the program, as the president of the Chaumont enduro 52 explains. “The first special will take place in Luzy, in the meadow, with passages in the undergrowth. It will last approximately 5’30”. The second will be on the La Vendue site, with singles in the undergrowth, approximately 8’30”. The third will also be in La Vendue, with meadow, undergrowth, for a duration of approximately 6′. The Elites will do three laps of the circuit, the Nationals and the women, two laps. » Knowing that each lap, the drivers will do the three special stages, they will have to be strong and the “machines” will have to hold up…

In Elites, Hugo Blanjoue (Factory Honda), winner twice at Rocroi, arrives in Haute-Marne with the desire to confirm. However, watch out for the reigning champion, Till De Clercq (Dafy Enduro), who has not said his last word. It will also be important to watch Romain Dagna (Sherco Academy), a “new kid” in the category but who already has two podiums to his credit and shares second place with Till De Clercq.

Among the Espoirs, Matteo Arrieta (Bonneton Fantic) has all the makings of a great. In Rocroi, he finished 3e and 1er, synonymous with leadership. Concerning the juniors, Clément Clauzier (Atomic moto), Mathis Juillard (DSN motos) and the Lozerian Evan Raffard (MCL) all three won the two days in the Ardennes. In Chaumont, they hope to shine again, but each competition is different…

In the Nationals, three drivers won both days in the Ardennes and intend to do it again, in Chaumont, just to widen the gap a little further with their pursuers. These are Charles Cottet, in N1, Cyril Maurans, in N2, and Romain Gioffre, in N3.

Among the veterans and super-veterans, Noë Dadic, with a victory, a second place, and Alban Cartel, with two successes, arrive in Chaumont with the favorites tag.

But motorcycling and enduro also concern women. In Rocroi, Mauricette Brisbard and Justine Martel won a round each. Present in Chaumont, the battle will once again rage!

The Haut-Marnais hope to compete

And the Haut-Marnais? They will be present and intend to do well at home. As for the drivers of the Chaumont enduro 52, Francis Fels thinks that Thomas Lorin (N3) “like in Rocroi, can make a top 10, just like Pierrick Hugo in N1 and Enzo Gernazoni in N2. » As for Yann Floriot (N1), “the objective is to get into the 15 and score points. » The “oldest”, like Raphaël Robinot (super-veterans) and Loïc Bacquert (veterans) can aim “a top 10 and a top 15.”

The president of Chaumont enduro 52 hopes that “Baptiste Fleuriot, from Latrecey, in N2, achieved a great performance with a top 15.” As for the forecasts, Francis Fels thinks that Jérôme Adam, from Suzannecourt, among the veterans, “can make a top 10”.

As for the forecasts, in recent days, it is mainly the weather forecasts that Francis Fels is looking at. Entrance being free, the president of the Chaumont enduro 52 is banking on large numbers of spectators so that the refreshment bars and catering are running at full capacity.

The only certainty is that the pilots will be at full speed!

Yves Tainturier

[email protected]

Program and timetables

Saturday May 25
From 8am : 1st special in Luzy around 8:10 a.m.
Sunday May 26
From 8am : 1st special in Luzy around 8:10 a.m.
Refreshments and catering on site.
Free admission.

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