Cycling. In 2024, it’s a struggle for Team Bricquebec Cotentin

Cycling. In 2024, it’s a struggle for Team Bricquebec Cotentin
Cycling. In 2024, it’s a struggle for Team Bricquebec Cotentin


Baptiste Hue

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May 24, 2024 at 12:56 p.m.

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This is a complicated first step for you and for the Team…

Yeah… It’s hard! Personally, I hoped to be able to get over the hump of the final circuit. But, with my size, it didn’t do it. In short, it’s a complicated first day for me and for the whole team. We don’t have many people ahead… So, we’re going to focus now on the stages rather than the general.

Personally, you are far from the level of last season. How do you explain that ?

It’s true, I’m struggling a bit this year. It’s the year of the Olympics, the most important year of my career and I can’t find form, it’s still stupid. And I can’t explain it to myself! I certainly injured my knee this winter, but today everything is fine, so I don’t think it’s that.

“I was a robot and I was unhappy”

How are you coping with this situation?

It’s very hard mentally to go from a great 2023 season, with seven victories, to this difficult 2024 season where I’m having trouble finishing my races. I wonder: am I on the decline? I’m looking for solutions, but I can’t find them.

You said at the start of the season that you wanted to do everything to the millimeter in 2024…

That’s what I did ! I always said that I was going to do the job 100% the year of the Olympics. I spent 5 months living the life of an Olympic athlete, only thinking about bike, bike, bike… But I have the impression that it’s not working for me. On the contrary, it buried me. I was a robot and I was unhappy. So, I decided to do as before, to live a “normal” life, to eat what I want when I want it. And, already, things are much better. I’m able to finish my shopping again, which wasn’t the case two months ago.

Is your selection for the Olympics in danger?

Yes and no… Basically, it was always planned that I would participate. But, indeed, if I am not at the level during the internship in June, it is clear that I will not go. There’s no point in going to the Olympics to be bad. But hey, I’m still hopeful because, on the track, things are still going well. If I perform at my level in June, that should do it. In the meantime, I’m here on the Tour de la Manche to rack up the milestones.

Do you nevertheless think you can achieve a result on Saturday in the time trial, your favorite field?

It’s possible. I really hope to get back to victory in this time. I want to reassure myself, to show that I am still here. It would be good for the team. Everyone sees me winning. But, it will be my first time of the year, so I have no guarantee.

We feel that your poor form has a negative impact on the entire team this season?

It’s true. This year, I can’t win so it’s difficult for the whole team. It’s boring. Benjamin (Labbe) is the most consistent, but he doesn’t play to win. Last year, we had a great season. This year, the dynamic is really not great…

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