two hooded men sow panic in front of a college in Vaucluse

two hooded men sow panic in front of a college in Vaucluse
two hooded men sow panic in front of a college in Vaucluse

Two hooded men landed yesterday afternoon in front of a college in Thor (Vaucluse). Students, panicked at the time of the incident, recount what they saw.

I thought I’d never be able to go home again“Yesterday afternoon, shortly before 4 p.m., two hooded men burst into front of the Pays des Sorgues college in Thor, a small village in Vaucluse, France 3 Provence-Alpes learned from the town hall. The parents of the students describe scenes of panic. The town hall assures that two complaints have been filed and mentions a private dispute.

The two individuals, who came in a black Audi, were wearing “ski masks and bags“, according to students who witnessed the scene.

A young girl in the third year, the first to leave school, says she came face to face with these two men. “I threw my bike on the ground and started running. I was really scared“, she tells us. A parent of a student, present to pick up her child, says that “all the kids were running and screaming“.

According to our information, these two people were interested in a third grade student, aged 14. “This young man is going out with their sister“, reveals Yves Bayon de Noyer, the mayor of Thor. The schoolboy remained confined in the establishment, before waiting for the police to arrive.

A mother of a student testifies: “I came across three distraught young people, one of whom was the alleged victim. They explained to me what had just happened. I immediately called the municipal police, and I stayed with them. the young until a patrol arrives“, she tells us.

We must stick to the facts, without making suggestive interpretations of the reasons for their presence.

Yves Bayon de Noyer, mayor of Thor

at France 3 Provence-Alpes

Once the police arrive, the team begins investigations and “the investigation was launched immediately“, says the mayor of Thor. According to the latter, the management of the Pays des Sorgues college and the teenager’s father have filed a complaint with the gendarmerie.

For now, “the secrecy of the investigation cannot confirm the reasons for the presence of the two men in front of the college“, insists the mayor. Attempted assault or kidnapping? For the moment, none of the hypotheses put forward by the witnesses and the victim can confirm the causes of the event.



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