Mayotte at the heart of foreign influence

Mayotte at the heart of foreign influence
Mayotte at the heart of foreign influence

New Caledonia, hit by riots for around ten days, seems to be targeted by foreign powers. This is also the case for Mayotte. Operations carried out to destabilize France.

An attack “of unprecedented strength”. New Caledonia was victim of a hack nicknamed “denial of service”, aimed at saturating the network with information. Everything finally returned to normal within a few hours.

The State also wanted to be very cautious on the subject: its link with Russia, mentioned in certain national media, has not “nothing proven“.”There are no claims to our knowledge. We will have to let justice do its work“, added the French Computer Security Agency. The anti-cybercrime section of the Paris public prosecutor’s office took charge of the investigation.

However, foreign influence overseas is in everyone’s speech. This is the case, for example, of Sacha Houlié, Renaissance deputy and president of the law committee.

Overseas are today the heart of interference in France. There is a strategy which aims to destabilize France where it is influential, where spheres of influence are contested.

Sacha Houlié, MP (RE)

With the situation in New Caledonia, a state of emergency has been declared. Among the measures put in place, the blocking of the Tiktok application. The government considers that the content published on the platform since the start of the crisis is aggravating tensions. A social network where we also find videos on Mayotte. We can hear this: “Attention, Russia has just recovered Mayotte in the hands of France.”

False content which has been increasing for several months according to the Member of Parliament (LIOT) for Mayotte, Estelle Youssouffa. For Sacha Houlié, quoted in a Radio France investigation, “Mayotte is a central point in terms of interference, because of the Comoros“.

Estelle Youssouffa, deputy (LIOT) of Mayotte

©Mayotte the 1st

In the Comoros, Russia is increasingly present. “The country has repeatedly affirmed its support for the Comorian claim to Mayotte just like China. A Russian house was inaugurated in the Comoros. All this clearly shows that in the great global game of influences, the question of Mayotte can return to the headlines regarding the Comoros with the support of Russia and China” underlines Bruno Minas, journalist in Mayotte la 1ère.

In this sense, Wednesday May 22, the Senate adopted the bill aimed at preventing foreign interference in France. It must now go to a joint committee to agree on a common text between the version voted in the Assembly and that adopted in the Senate.



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