The Nivernais-Morvan Tour, heritage and rolling monument

The Nivernais-Morvan Tour, heritage and rolling monument
The Nivernais-Morvan Tour, heritage and rolling monument

From June 13 to 16, Nièvre will live to the time and rhythm of the 46e Nivernais-Morvan Tour. Popular with runners, who come to gauge their form before the French championship, the cycling event has established itself from the outset as a popular event, a flagship element of the sporting heritage of Nièvre and a highlight of its deceptively tranquil geography.

Revealing a still strong attachment to the Tour Nivernais-Morvan, the presentation of the 46e edition easily filled the Lafayette room, on the Forges royales site in Guérigny. A monumental setting, with thick walls and a colossal framework guarding the memories of industrial epic (the manufacturing of marine anchors from the 18th century), to exalt the historical dimension also of the TNM. The panels covered with press clippings, the black and white photos projected on a large screen and the vintage bicycle attracting the eye of many connoisseurs attest to a heritage character praised by the various speakers – the president of the organizing committee, Raphaël Deschamps, the mayor of Guérigny, Jean-Pierre Château, and the vice-president of the Departmental Council in charge of sports, Lionel Lécher.

“The Tour Nivernais-Morvan is a wealth for Nièvre,” he assures, sending a “hat tip to the volunteers” who put oil in the cogs of complex logistics but weathered by experience. “Nièvre is a fantastic playground for cycling. We are going to experience another exceptional race. »

From Corvol-d’Embernard, the departure village for the first laps of the wheel on June 13, to Decize, the final arrival town on June 16, the peloton will visit Nièvre from north to south and from east to west, in five stages and over nearly 600 kilometers swallowed at a pace which will hardly leave him the leisure to savor the landscapes.

Find the entire route, step by step, and the list of entrants on the website and the race’s social networks, Facebook and X.

The TNM seen by Fabien Bazin, president of the Departmental Council

“If proof were needed that the Tour Nivernais-Morvan represents much more than a simple sporting competition for the inhabitants of our department, the memory of Yannick Martinez, last year at the end of the Dornecy-Donzy stage, would be undoubtedly the most indisputable. The image of this seasoned runner, a former professional, on the verge of tears and embraced by his mother after crossing the finish line as a winner, sums up the emotional power of this event better than words.

For a Nivernais, writing his name in the history of the TNM is a dream come true, a small “monument” in a career. Some experienced it as a spectator, child or adolescent, clapping their hands frantically and raising their voices as the peloton passed; they have sometimes drawn from it part of their vocation as cyclists, the desire to experience in turn this striking impression of strength and speed, amplified by the euphoria of finding roads that they know by heart, to be trained there or have started local races.

The TNM is a piece of our heritage, a lesson in sporting history and geography of Nièvre which makes us discover, each year, new roads, new landscapes, new or unknown angles of “our” Nièvre. The thousands of kilometers of departmental and municipal roads constitute a thick dictionary with which Raphaël Deschamps and his team (and first and foremost the route master, Gilles Demarigny) write each year new “sentences”, surprising epics.

This year, from June 13 to 16, the 46e Tour Nivernais-Morvan still promises its share of emotions, escapes, exploits, before the arrival in Decize. “Newbies” who discover Nièvre will appreciate the variety of profiles, between the Loire valley and the Morvan, the plateaus of central Nivernais with hills covered in forests, the changing landscapes of crops, bocages, vineyards, the crossing of our towns and villages. Regulars and followers will certainly find aspects that they will add to their collection of sentimental vignettes.

For all these reasons, and because there is no event magnifying the beauties of Nièvre each year, the Departmental Council is a faithful partner of the TNM and the organizers who perpetuate and reinvent it each year. »



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