this Plateau Picard festival returns for its 8th edition this weekend

From May 24 to 26, families and show enthusiasts will meet at the Agora de Wavignies to attend the 8th edition of the Spring Festival of the Plateau Picard community of communes. In anticipation of these three days of celebration, the culture center has designed a varied and completely free program to both highlight the town and introduce local artists to the general public with the support of Wavignies and its associations.

A new program for the festival

In 2023, the Spring Festival came to Sains-Morainvillers for three days of celebration, laughter and art.

If the Friday evening will begin as usual with a concert by the orchestra of the Maignelay-Montigny music school, Forte Piano, at 8 p.m., the local group Eclypse will give voice with covers of songs known from 8:30 p.m. Unlike previous editions, the new arrival of the culture center, Sarah Wolfs, has developed the program so that the festivities take place from 10 a.m. during the weekend.

Also no more indoor shows: the festival programmer has taken the gamble that good weather will be there and all of the performances will take place outdoors. “The goal is to create a tavern atmosphere. We want everything to happen outside, the Agora will just be used for artists’ dressing rooms and storage. We didn’t have an easy winter, in addition to covid, it’s nicer to be able to bring culture out of the theaters even if the one in Wavignies is reserved in the event of a decline.” she explains.

Over three days, around twenty shows are planned, combining concerts, strolls and even theater. At the same time, a photo exhibition on the theme of sport will be highlighted on the site. “We want to give a theme to the festival: this year it’s the Olympics. We set up a project with the Lumières Picardes association in Maignelay-Montigny, which went to photograph the residents practicing their sports.” Picardy games will be made available to the public and a craft market, bringing together 12 artisans, will take place during the festival over a longer time slot.

With an extensive program, the desire of the community of municipalities is that there be no downtime during the festival: “the goal is to always have something to do and not to get bored between the shows, the market, the exhibition, the initiations and the on-site catering”. With more original shows, the festival will close with a concert by Silof & Co, a group from Amiens: “They translate English songs into Picardy. It’s a bit of a humorous show, they’re very funny and their show is interactive.”

Useful information

Find the program on the Plateau Picard website.

On Friday evening, Wavignies en Fête will organize a “Suckling Pig” meal. 25€ per person. Reservation on 06 20 65 46 97.

Anaïs Braem

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