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Greg Marchand and Ivan Vukadinovic GP

Gregory aka “Greg” Marchand? We have followed him since his beginnings in Paris, at the Frenchie brand on rue du Nil. We even met him at Fifteen, on Holborn, in the North East of the City and at the Meat Market for Jamie Oliver, when he worked for the latter in an Italian-British mode. That was already two decades ago! Since this traveler from Nantes, who left for New York (at Danny Meyer’s Gramercy Tavern), Hong Kong, London and Marbella, who officiates, for himself and for others, in Biarritz and Verbier, with the Experimental Group, do not forget not to refine his kingdom of the Path.

Pizzetta ricotta, tomato, nduja © GP

It should be noted that he recently closed his London restaurant in Covent Garden. The fact remains that a mini-empire has been created on the thin Rue du Nil, which has become very gourmet, adjoining the Terroirs d’Avenir grocery store, a fishmonger of the same label and the elite roaster l’Arbre à Café. . We forget some along the way. It still remains the star of its street, with its starred restaurant, its wine bar, and its cellar. is enriched these days with a chic and tasty Italian restaurant, which has taken the place of its “ Frenchie to go“. With the Venetian of Serbian origin, Ivan Vukadinovic, who worked for him in London, he offers his own score, in a lively, noisy, funny and contemporary setting.

Sage and browned butter gnocchi © GP

Spicy pizzetta with tomato, ricotta and nduja (Calabrian hot sauce), mackerel crudi, sea bream and tuna, Roman-style fried artichoke and parmesan, papardelle with rabbit and Ligurian pine nuts with taggiasche olives or even linguine crab and bisque curry with datterino tomatoes and wild fennel do not lack character.

Linguine crab and crab bisque, tomatoes, fennel © GP

The porchetta revisited in vitello tonnato style is delectable and the gnudi with sage and brown butter constitute a piece of bravery from the house. We’re less crazy about the char-grilled monkfish (a little dry) with its anchovy and rosemary sauce. But we easily love the affogato al caffè where we discover the vanilla ice cream stuck against the cup. And on a wine list with prices without indulgence, we note the nice Tuscan San Giovese la Fabbrica 2016 and Troncone le Ragnae in a very seductive glass in 2021. Andiamo, signor Greg!

Affogato © GP



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