Girls sent home: students denounce “sexist” dress code

Girls sent home: students denounce “sexist” dress code
Girls sent home: students denounce “sexist” dress code

“They told us on Wednesday that all the girls, whose knees we could see, were going to be sent home. We don’t find that correct, because that’s not what is written in the regulations,” said Talie Cloutier.

The secondary 5 student decided to write a letter to Noovo Info to denounce the situation, described as “an injustice” by the girls at the school.

During a demonstration organized Thursday in front of the school, students pointed out the decisions of management, which mentions in a notice to parents that shorts must be “at the knees or slightly above the knees”.

But this regulation would only apply to girls, deplores Talie. “The guys were never taken out of class or warned.”

“It’s degrading because it makes us feel inferior. Is it because our knees are too sexual? The shorts we wear as students cover our bodies respectably and don’t let anything appear inappropriate.”

Questioned by Noovo Info, Romy Moïse Éthier said she was suspended by the school for wearing the same shorts as her male classmate, Émile Leprohon.

“I didn’t receive a single warning. And the director looked at my knees for a good five seconds,” he said.

“The director said embarrassing and humiliating things to us. She told us that if we had shorts that short, we would dress like prostitutes,” said Alicia Fortin, who was sent home for wearing shorts.

Since heat waves hit about a week ago, special education technicians (TES) from Curé-Antoine-Labelle have met each girl with shorts individually to judge whether they respected the dress code, confides the secondary 5 student.

” She [une TES] said my knees attract boys. I didn’t understand why, explained Isabelle Drouin, another student. She said word for word: your knees attract boys, you need to go home.”

“The boys thought it was stupid, so throughout the day, they would shorten their shorts and not be warned,” added Talie.

“They say the regulation applies to everyone, but that’s not the case.”

-Talie Cloutier, secondary 5 student

According to the students, wearing pants at this time of year is simply impossible, while the school does not have air conditioning. “Some classes don’t even have a fan. The ventilation system no longer works very well,” they lamented.

The students say they tried to talk to management about the situation, but without success.

During the demonstration, the school management went outside the establishment. However, she refused to grant us an interview and asked us to leave the field. Noovo Info was redirected to the Laval School Service Center.

Yves-Michel Volcy, general director of the Laval School Service Center, maintained that the dress code is the same for everyone and that it is not gendered.

“We noticed in recent days that there were more young girls who did not respect the code of conduct. There were verbal warnings and communication with parents,” he replied.

See Marie-Pier Boucher’s report in the video.

-With information from Marie-Pier Boucher