Burst tires on the A15 motorway: motorists victims of potholes and cracks

Burst tires on the A15 motorway: motorists victims of potholes and cracks
Burst tires on the A15 motorway: motorists victims of potholes and cracks


Thomas Hoffmann

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May 23, 2024 at 8:34 p.m.

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“Anger and incomprehension. » Following the incident of which her husband was the victim on theA15 motorway, Nathalie does not hide her exasperation over “a problem that is not new. I don’t know what they’re waiting for to do something,” she complains before exhaling: “It could have been much more serious. »

Wednesday May 22, 2024, like many other motorists, his companion was surprised by the significant damage noted on the roadway on the A15 near Éragny-sur-Oise (Val-d’Oise) towards Paris.

Potholes, cracks and bits of asphalt

While night work is currently being carried out on the axis to resolve this problem, several potholes and cracks have appeared in recent days upstream of the Écluse bridge spanning the Oise and up to the junction towards the N184. A portion where the speed is limited to 90 km/h. “I pass by there every day on my way to work. There have been holes in this place for a while, unfortunately I’m used to it,” says the driver living in Pontoise. But this is not the case for her husband.

Working in Cergy, he had to go to Seine-Saint-Denis that day. At the wheel of his Toyota Aygohe was surprised by a piece of bitumen in the middle of the tracks of circulation. “He couldn’t avoid it and drove over it. A truck did the same right behind him. »

“Five vehicles stopped on the emergency lane”

Under the violence of the impact, his right front tire burst. “He felt it straight away. Fortunately he was a few meters from exit 8 towards Éragny, towards Art de Vivre. He was able to pull off the highway and park. A truck was also stopped after experiencing the same mishap. » Patricia joins her husband on site with another vehicle so that he can get back on the road.

A motorist burst the tire of his car while driving on a piece of bitumen on the A15, Wednesday May 22, 2024. (©Photo sent to La Gazette du Val-d’Oise)

It is only at the end of the day that he will come back to change the wheel. “We did not call the tow truck for fear of having to wait many hours on site,” testifies the Pontoisienne while several motorists found themselves in the same situation. “My daughter, who passed on the A15 around 11:30 a.m., told me that she had seen five vehicles stopped on the emergency lane. »

Degraded road

Comments confirmed on the Facebook page Idf Traffic. “The road is cracked in the right lane. Many cars stopped on the BAU for flat tires,” warned a post published Wednesday midday.

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“This morning, there were chunks of tar on the road… big nonsense,” Audrey wrote. “On this portion, the potholes are very dangerous, it is high time to do something, it is unacceptable,” continues Asma. “I saw a motorist pull left to avoid a crater, he almost hit a motorcyclist. Carnage is narrowly avoided. It is unacceptable. We all contribute for the state of our roads, but the money is misappropriated,” Luciole gets carried away while Christina mentions “a roadway that is completely degraded in several places (potholes) near Argenteuil. We have to take the road towards Sannois and cut the zebra to be able to take the road towards Argenteuil quai de seine. It’s really shameful to see the state of the roads. Who should you report this to so that they can at least fill in the potholes? This is a DANGER. »

“A sector prone to many potholes”

This situation arouses all the more ire among users of the A15 as between the end of December 2023 and the end of January 2024, a huge pothole at the edge of the N14 and the highway, near Cergy, had already been the cause of numerous incidents, with several motorists having suffered tire bursts.

Our teams intervened several times, as they usually do in this type of situation, during this period to treat it, without definitive effect, recalls. Indeed, the climatic conditions (episodes of snow and ice) and the amount of traffic on this axis had contributed to accelerating the damage to the roadway and the reformation of the pothole. Work to purge and rework the asphalt at greater depth was carried out specifically at the beginning of February 2024 to resolve this very restrictive problem for users.

The Île-de-France Roads Department (Dirif)

Dirif also recognizes “that this sector is subject to numerous potholes, which have been the subject of very recurring reports from users since the beginning of the year.” Thus, several motorists complaining about damage caused to their vehicles by a lack of maintenance on the A15 were invited to send a file to the department handling disputes.

This is the case for Nathalie. “They told me to send a registered letter and to specify in my letter the location, date and time with photos of the vehicle and the road. I wasn’t going to go on foot on the A15 to take a photo either,” she says, specifying that the announced processing time for her file was two months. The latter must also send them an estimate of the amount of the repairs. If the tire and rim need to be changedshe also had to have the parallelism of your wheel checked by his mechanic, which could further increase the bill.

Works launched

Following the setbacks of Nathalie’s husband, and many other motorists, if several potholes and cracks remained at exits 8 and 9, those located upstream of the Ecluse bridge had disappeared following the work renovation of the roadway carried out during the night of Wednesday May 22 to Thursday May 23 by Dirif.

Of the work which must be carried out on the A15, in several phases, until the end of June which users hope will be definitive. “Let it not be a cover-up as is often the case and let us find ourselves with new holes in six months,” says Pascal, a resident of Herblay-sur-Seine who has also paid the price for “the deplorable state.” of this disastrous highway” with a flat tire and a windshield that needed to be changed following a projection of stones.

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