Männedorf: the young murderer of the jogger confessed

Männedorf: the young murderer of the jogger confessed
Männedorf: the young murderer of the jogger confessed

The young murderer of the jogger confessed to the facts

Published today at 5:39 p.m.

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The young alleged murderer of a jogger in a park in Männedorf (ZH) has confessed to the facts. He is not known to the police for acts of violence. The 19-year-old Swiss man and his victim – a 35-year-old Swiss woman – did not know each other, according to the ongoing investigation.

The Zurich Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the young man’s preventive detention, it said on Thursday. The main person admitted to having fatally attacked the runner Tuesday evening in the park which runs along the shore of Lake Zurich. The victim has since been identified.

On Tuesday shortly after 8:00 p.m., the young man attacked several people in the park, shouting loudly and after completely undressing. When the police intervened, the victim was lying on the ground. She succumbed to her injuries at the scene despite attempts at resuscitation.

The murderer was arrested in the immediate vicinity of the victim’s body. He also slightly injured another person, a 50-year-old Swiss man, whom he also did not know.

The private security company which patrols the park on behalf of the municipality will strengthen its presence there from next week, announces the Männedorf executive. It is responsible for recalling the regulations in force, expelling people who violate them, recording their contact details and alerting the police, if necessary.


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