The Mathieu Bastareaud rugby field inaugurated at Creps Antilles-Guyane

The Mathieu Bastareaud rugby field inaugurated at Creps Antilles-Guyane
The Mathieu Bastareaud rugby field inaugurated at Creps Antilles-Guyane

THE Mathieu Bastareaud rugby field was inaugurated yesterday at CREPS Antilles-Guyane, located in Pointe-à-Pitre, in the presence of the former rugby champion.

The operation was made possible as part of the sports equipment renovation policy of the regional authority, owner of CREPS Antilles-Guyane.

Created more than 15 years ago, this rugby field required new development.

It was on the occasion of Mathieu Bastareaud’s visit to Guadeloupe in June 2023 that the president of the regional council Ary Chalus unveiled the panel which marked the start of the work.

A year later, a synthetic turf installation was carried out.

She responds to the “World Rugby” regulationsresists heavy use, with the capacity to maintain elastomeric aggregates, even under unfavorable climatic constraints.

The objective of the project is to provide a quality facility to the public and high-level athletes.

1.6 million euros of work

Renovations amounting to 1,655,827.73 million euros, 100% financed under the React-EU system.

Mathieu Bastareaudpresent at the inauguration yesterday, explains how he perceives this new CREPS rugby field.

It’s simply that we can see as much talent as possible emerge from Guadeloupe. When speaking with the educators, they told me that a few young people are going to come to mainland France, including one in Toulon who I was able to see a few weeks ago. Guadeloupean sport has always been very high in France, in athletics, football, basketball and for me, my dream is that it is also very high in rugby. I try to do my best. Seeing that there is a lot of interest here in rugby, which is not necessarily a rugby land, makes me proud. Now they are lucky enough to have top facilities, so they can take advantage of them. I’ll see them in a few years on the Top 14 fields

Chantal Cusset Gaydu, director of CREPSdelivers his feelings and the perspectives offered by this new infrastructure within the institution.

It’s always a Source of pride, especially for the young people who invest a lot and who will have a great structure to be able to train and develop their skills even further. Beyond the promises, we see that there are actions. This land was released in less than a year. We are a Games preparation center. We have already fulfilled our mission well but with such quality infrastructure, we can look confidently towards 2028. In the very short term, we will need to advertise our infrastructure sufficiently so that teams in our regional environment can come and train. at our place



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