This love story charms all of Switzerland

Exit Tinder: this Zurich resident used an ambitious method to find a beautiful stranger who capsized his heart. Image: Shutterstock

Here’s the cute story from spring: Noah* fell in love with a young woman on the tram, but he didn’t dare approach her. He then decides to broadcast wanted notices throughout the city of Zurich, in the hope of finding the mysterious passenger.

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These days, young people who date usually start by using their cell phones.

Scrolling through Tinder seems a lot easier than meeting a partner in real life. But just because dating apps exist doesn’t mean there aren’t more romantic encounters in the real world. This is exactly what Noah* experienced at the beginning of May on the tram in Zurich. The approach, as daring as it was original, excited the entire city.

Reading the little poster with the oh-so-romantic text, we were also touched. What, people still have a chivalrous spirit in 2024? So we decided to find Noah*, and ask him a few indiscreet questions.

“The girl with the plate”

Let’s rewind a little: at the beginning of May, Noah* was on a tram line that he usually takes. At one stop, a pretty young woman got on. She was holding a baking tray in her hands. At the sight of him, the young man’s legs, in his own words, “went soft”. His face lengthened, a bit like Mbappé’s this weekend.

But as the beautiful stranger only made two stops, Noah* unfortunately did not have the opportunity to approach her. However, the young woman did indeed notice our Romeo, since she smiled at him when leaving the tram.

Unable to get his crush out of his head, the Zurich resident decides to follow the advice of a colleague. He takes his courage in both hands and writes a public letter to find her. Here is the content of the missive:

“Looking for the girl from tram 2 with a hotplate!

The following sounds like a wanted poster, but I think I have to take my chances in the universe, hope you read this!

We met on 03.05 around 4:40 p.m. on tram 2 in the direction of Tiefenbrunnen. You had a hotplate in your hand, intense black eyeliner, and a septum piercing. Additionally, you wore a black leather jacket, black boots, and a very stylish knitted canvas bag.

We exchanged a few glances and when you came down, I was speechless, and my heart stopped beating. (…)

I haven’t been this impressed by someone in a long time. I hope you read this or someone who knows you does. I hope I can meet you and have coffee with you, that would be an incredible story to tell. Lol»

yes, yes…lol. This is the conclusion.

The original announcement (in Swiss-German)

Niels sucht das Backbleck-Girl

Wanted poster in Cupid mode: this is how Noah* searches for a woman who has touched his heart.Image: instagram/oh_olives

Shortly after, this letter went viral – at least across Sarine. Zurich author Olivia El Sayed even shared the lovely note with her 10,000 followers in her Instagram story.

Don’t be afraid, Noah* is not a “creep”!

Within the editorial staff of watson, this letter triggered a big wave of “yupiiiiii”. So it was by video chat that we contacted the mysterious Romeo. We especially wanted to verify that it was not a 65-year-old creep who posed as a twenty-year-old, with the aim of preying on young women.

But that wasn’t the case. The tram guy introduced himself as

“Noah*, 24 years old, super nice and 6th year law student”

The future lawyer did not expect his message of love to arouse so much attention and excitement.

In response to his appeal, Noah* received countless emails from people who wanted to help him in his search – or who simply found his action cute. Whatever happens, the young man will not be helpless, since some DMs stipulated:

“If you don’t find it, I’ll be happy to meet you.”

Like what, one lost….

Has she gotten back in touch?

But what we’re most interested in, of course, is what happened: did the mysterious woman contact Noah*?

“Unfortunately not yet”

Despite everything, Noah* does not seem to regret his action at all. “I couldn’t get her out of my head and had FOMO (red: fear of missing an opportunity). I just wanted to do something so I wouldn’t regret not having said anything.”

In the meantime, Noah* continues to hope that the young woman will come forward. However, he is well aware that she owes him nothing.

“I don’t want to put pressure on her, but I have my heart on my sleeve and I just wanted to tell her that I think she’s cool”

A discreet young man

Moreover, Olivia El Sayed’s friend, Martina Gubler, made a drawing of Noah* – the young man prefers to remain discreet and did not want to attach a photo. This is what it looks like:

Niels skizziert von Olivia.

To the tram passenger: do you recognize your admirer?Image: ZVG

And here are some details: Noah* is completely tattooed on his left arm. He likes to wear rings, and has blue-green eyes.

Dear mysterious young woman from tram 2, with a hotplate, it’s up to you!




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