Debate: Switzerland or Germany in the semi-final?

Who will win the battle between Switzerland and Germany?


Ruben Steiger: lin Switzerland because it has never been so strong

Ruben Steiger is rational. For him, it is impossible for Switzerland to lose.

Ruben Steiger is rational. For him, it is impossible for Switzerland to lose.

Sebastien Anex

Swiss supporters must have laughed on Tuesday when they noticed that their favorite team was once again going up against Germany in the quarter-finals of the Hockey World Cup. Bad memories immediately came flooding back. This year will be different, however.

Because this Switzerland is the best in history in a world championship. The opinions of specialists are almost unanimous. The bookmakers, who are not the most fond of taking risks, give Patrick Fischer’s selection as the clear favorite. Even the players proclaim it loud and clear. “Since I joined the national team, this is the best team I have ever played in,” says Kevin Fiala.

The superstar is also one of the factors that encourage optimism before the puck is released. The Saint-Gallois is at the top of his game. He has never been so dominant in the red jersey with a white cross. The line he forms with Nico Hischier and Nino Niederreiter made defenses dizzy in the preliminary phase. There’s no reason for that to change against a team that has already conceded 24 goals in this tournament.

If this is not enough to convince the most pessimistic, we can show them the advantage Roman Josi. The Bernese rear flies on the Czech ice. When he wears the national team jersey, it transforms. She becomes capable of all feats.

It’s simple, Swiss NHL players skate in another dimension than the Germans playing in North America. Add to that elements of the National League which have nothing to envy of those of DEL (the German first division).

Being rational, it is impossible to think that Switzerland will not win. Objectively everything speaks in favor of Switzerland. Like in 2010, 2018, 2021 and 2023 you say? It’s true.

But one last argument, much more subjective, will make the difference: the thirst for revenge. This time, it is certain, the German curse will definitively end this Thursday around 6:30 p.m. in Ostrava.

Emmanuel Favre: Germany because Switzerland is enigmatic

The experienced Emmanuel Favre is leaning towards a success for the Germans.

The experienced Emmanuel Favre is leaning towards a success for the Germans.


One day, a long time ago, while I was discovering the environment of the Swiss ice hockey team, a wise old man whispered to me, half-seriously, half-solemnly, a phrase that I have since conveyed like a donkey guide.

“With the Swiss team, you only have one certainty: you never know,” repeated the wiser than old friend because he is younger than me.

No matter the identity of the man who gesticulates behind the bench, who holds back a tear when the wailing national anthem rings out in the arena and who grumbles at the referees to show that he exists, no matter the name and the frame of the bipeds in shoes skates, this team has always had something enigmatic.

She made the impossible possible by beating Russia in St. Petersburg two days after losing feathers against a France team that was only supposed to scare itself.

She beat and blanked Canada at the Olympics.

She stumbled against Germany in the round of 16 of a tournament played under the five rings.

She won medals at two world championships.

She was a walk-on in their 2023 quarter-final against Germany.

So, yes, with this team with its coat of arms stupidly considered illegal, you never know.

However, we believe that Switzerland is the favorite and that recent history has shown that it does not really know how to cope with this status.

It is understood that Switzerland has a quartet of exceptional players who are among the best in their profession at the world level.

We also understand that it also has plenty of ordinary players who have taken a subscription to defeat over the last 12 months when they have come up against other nations.

We still believe we know that Germany has Switzerland’s number and that, inevitably, this creates a complex under the Swiss helmets.

But no, in fact, with the Swiss team, you never know.

Except that in the end, well, it’s always Germany that wins.



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