Convicted of strangling his ex-partner in front of children

Convicted of strangling his ex-partner in front of children
Convicted of strangling his ex-partner in front of children

The punishment has passed. The author of the murder of Yasemin Cetindag, victim of a feminicide which occurred in December 2020 in Strasbourg, was sentenced on Wednesday to thirty years of criminal imprisonment by the Bas-Rhin Assize Court.

The accused, aged 45, wearing a black jacket over a black sweatshirt in his box, did not express any reaction to the announcement of the decision. He nevertheless commented out loud on this decision a few minutes later, which earned him insults from the audience, causing a hearing incident.

“Justice has been done,” said Sendegul Aras, lawyer for the victim’s mother, welcoming a “severe but fair” sentence. “Now we will wait to see if the accused will use his right of appeal, hoping that this is not the case so that the civil parties can finally mourn.” “The firmness of the decision is commensurate with the crime committed,” added Xavier Metzger, lawyer for the victim’s sister.

The sentence handed down by the court, accompanied by a two-thirds security period (compared to half in normal times), is exactly in accordance with the requisitions of the attorney general, Alexandre Chevrier.

Conversely, the defense had pleaded “intentional violence leading to death without intention of causing it”, a crime punishable by twenty years of imprisonment. This alternative was rejected by the court, which retained the “homicidal intent” of the accused.

“I have experienced more serene audiences”

“This decision seems harsh to me in relation to the security imposed, but on the quantum we knew that the 30 years were incurred,” reacted Caroline Bolla, defense lawyer. “For the way the trial took place, I experienced calmer hearings,” she remarked.

On December 23, 2020, Yasemin Cetindag, 25, mother of four, was strangled to death by her ex-partner, from whom she had separated two months earlier, after ten years of a chaotic and toxic relationship. His body was found several days later, buried in the Vendenheim forest, north of Strasbourg.

“Dad gave mom a boo-boo”

After initially denying any involvement in the young woman’s disappearance, her ex-companion ended up confessing to his actions, overwhelmed by the testimonies and evidence, his DNA discovered on a knife, the victim’s blood found everywhere. in the apartment and on his shoes, the telephone boundary and his purchase of a large transport trunk.

Her children had witnessed the scene, then confiding to their grandmother: “dad gave mom a boo-boo”, “he took out the scarf, he squeezed mom’s neck”.

Recurrent domestic violence within the couple had until then given rise to the filing of four complaints and 13 complaints, which had only resulted in a reminder of the law against the spouse.

“This observation can legitimately raise questions and anger. It’s understandable. Could this crime have been prevented? Could we have done better? The question arises, I am not in a position to answer it,” declared the Advocate General during his indictment.

“But since then, lessons have been learned, and from this case in particular. Absolute priority is given to domestic violence, in this court as in all jurisdictions,” he assured.

On average, a feminicide occurs every three days in France. According to the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti there were 94 feminicides in 2023, compared to 118 in 2022.