for the Olympic champions Androdias and Boucheron, a return to school and already a big test in Lucerne

for the Olympic champions Androdias and Boucheron, a return to school and already a big test in Lucerne
for the Olympic champions Androdias and Boucheron, a return to school and already a big test in Lucerne

Lucerne and the legendary Rotsee, from May 24 to 26. This is the penultimate outing before Paris for Olympic champions Matthieu Androdias and Hugo Boucheron, a big test for them who have not rowed together in competition for a year. It was at the 2023 European Championship, for an 8th place overall (2nd in the B final). The poor performance signaled the start of the infection which would deprive Matthieu Androdias of the entire season.

This year, Aquitain could and would have wanted to return with Hugo Boucheron from the European Championship last April, the staff preferred that they stay in training. “I was left wanting more,” said DTN Sébastien Vieilledent during the French short boat championships at the beginning of April in Cazaubon (Gers), which saw the two row in single skiffs and take 1st and 2nd place. .

Common experience

Even before the decision, their coach Alexis Besançon explained that he had “a strong bias”. “The experience of the crew allows us to work individually for a very long time, so that everyone has the best possible individual level, and then bring them together late. »

The common experience of the couple, formed for the Rio 2016 Games (6th) allows them to run together little. “They know each other very, very well, and I know them well. The idea is really to stick to what they produce at the winter crossing points to refine the strategy that will follow. »

Patinated by experience, the duo has already shone despite separations. Because of injuries and Covid before Tokyo, where they won the Olympic title. Because of Hugo Boucheron’s post-Olympic depression in 2022. “A long individual period, with little collective work, which still led to the 2022 world title”, in a scenario reversed to the 2018 coronation, where he there was a lot of collective work.

And then, “Matthieu and Hugo train at the same place (Editor’s note: in their club in Lyon or during training) and meet each other every day. » Individual time was not lost for the duo “because we can work alone in the service of doubles, with the idea of ​​what needs to be put in place technically to be perfectly together”, adds Alexis Besançon. “With the advantage that this leaves no room for the ease, in doubles, of having your teammate to erase the poor form of the day. We’re all alone in the boat to move it forward, and if things don’t go well, it’s up to you to find the solutions. And that suited their needs well this year. »

High density

Since Cazaubon, the pair have remained sheltered from the pressure of competition, even if Matthieu Androdias would not have been against going out to Europe, “following the road map, even if it means getting stirred up. In the past, it did us good, like when we lost in Lucerne by 6 or 7 seconds before Tokyo.” “You have to be patient and strategist, not dogmatic, and not tell yourself that you have to reproduce at all costs what worked for Tokyo,” emphasized Alexis Besançon.

And here comes the time for the confrontation, with the regattas in Lucerne, and three weeks later, those in Poznan. “The Dutch Melvin Twellaar and Stef Broenink, 2nd in Tokyo, 2023 world champions, have been the scarecrows since last year,” underlines the coach. It is the first point of reference, the number 1 threat in view of the Paris Games, but not the only one. “The density is such that the Sinkovic brothers preferred to start in two fronts. Between 7th and 2nd place, it can fluctuate. » United, Androdias and Boucheron only aim for the first.

The Games at stake for Aquitaine residents

Androdias – Boucheron and the women’s double sculls Margaux Bailleul – Emma Lunatti already have their qualification for Paris, like the Girondins Téo Rayet, Guillaume and Thibaud Turlan, in coxless four with Benoît Brunet, who will want to confirm their European bronze medal in April . The Saintais Victor Marcelot, 22, has a chance of obtaining an Olympic ticket since the Federation has set up a quadruple scull (two oars per man) where he will team up with Yoan Lamiral and the brothers Valentin and Théophile Onfroy. Same objective for the two without coxswain Emma Cornelis and Joséphine Cornut-Danjou, formerly from Libourne. In the PL double sculls, Tokyo silver medalists Laura Tarantola and Claire Bové, and the pair Ferdinand Ludwig – Hugo Beurey obtained their place for Paris on Tuesday.



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