What is this event dedicated to kites which will take off in the sky of Puy-de-Dôme on May 24, 25 and 26?

The second edition of the Cultive ton ciel festival takes place on Friday May 24, then Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 on the heights of Anzat-le-Luguet (Puy-de-Dôme). Internationally recognized flyers will be there to make you look up to the sky, in the admiring and poetic sense of the term.

Walking through Cézallier, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, could well show you all the colors…
From Friday, May 24, the Cultive ton ciel festival will once again hoist small and large sails to the delight of kite lovers. A meeting in charge of which we find the same instigator as for the first edition: Emmanuel Bacharach. This enthusiast has, once again, invited those who, like him, can spend hours, arms and noses in the air, adjusting their wires and their canvas, in order to orchestrate real aerial ballets.

Wind and patience

What drives them?? The same crush for this manual and poetic acrobatics, made possible by a single science: that of patience?! Or rather two: knowledge of the wind, its whims and its pranks.
But it is a rule of the game to which they all comply, so great is the satisfaction of seeing an age-old and traditional activity perpetuated before them. And even thanks to them. In his quest for flight and the most satisfying arabesques, Emmanuel Bacharach takes with him a heritage and memories: those of a kid fascinated by the pure spectacle offered by the flight of shapes and figures, only directed by one or more strings and which twirl, rocked by the wind.Seeing a kite fly is sweet and beautiful!

“The demand is there. There are a lot of people nostalgic for what was happening, for example, on the Gergovie plateau, more than fifteen years ago. Locally, it raised awareness among a lot of people. There is a whole generation who grew up with it… Many are still very attached to these traditional kites.”

The pure pleasure of kite flying, 1,000 leagues from gigantism and… 1,000 meters above sea level

A practice that summons poetry, slowness and contemplation, 1,000 miles from gigantism. It is to this return to the sources that Emmanuel Bacharach invites, at… 1,000 m altitude, in Luguet. An event that emphasizes ecology and respect for the environment. It promises, also and above all, the sharing of sometimes ancestral know-how.


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“There will be kite flyers from Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand (the guest country of honor, Editor’s note). The fifty or so flyers present will help us discover ancient traditions, wherever kite flying is still popular and widely used,” explains Emmanuel Bacharach.

In Thailand, for example, kites are still widely used, especially in agriculture. They can both come to thank the goddess of rain, but they also have a utilitarian role. Equipped with a sound arc, farmers use it, for example, to scare away birds and protect crops.

He continues: “We will also be interested in the tradition of ‘Chula and Pakpao’ fights, i.e. the confrontation of a male kite and another female. Originally, it was a very visual activity, practiced near the Royal Palace. The kites are richly decorated. It’s very beautiful”, promises the organizer, delighted to be able to facilitate the meeting between experienced flyers and the general public.

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A communicative passion

“These enthusiasts have chosen the sky as their gallery. So that spectators can share this passion, it is important that they touch the wire and experience the sensations. And that will make them want to: it’s communicative! At Luguet, there will be kites that you don’t see everywhere,” he promises.

Marie-Edwige Hebrard

The guests. The country in the spotlight this year is Thailand: three Thai flyers will be present in Anzat-le-Luguet these three days. The second edition of Cultive ton ciel will also see the participation, among others, of Marc Herzog, vice-world champion in combat kite flying; Didier Botta, French champion and world champion of freestyle snowkiting, from Estables; the Australian Sarath Kingsley and the Indian Abdul Rauf.

In the program

71737a77bd.jpgFrom May 24 to 26, the entire sky of Anzat-le-Luguet will be dedicated to kite flying and the maestros of this delicate and poetic art.
In the program : kite flying demonstrations traditional and artistic, small and large models, demonstration and introduction to combat kites, introduction to kiting (traction sail).
Young and old will also be able to participate in kite decoration workshops (a bamboo and paper model will be provided; you will have to decorate it and learn how to fly it; participation: €6. Participants leave with their kite).
Also to follow: collective workshops for creating poems on kites and a choral singing workshop of world songs with public restitution of Wargasound; soap bubble shows and classical guitar; readings of stories related to wind, birds and kites; acoustic concerts and musical atmosphere throughout the Festival with the Dragon Fanfare and Wargasound. Visual and vocal restitution of text-poems created during writing workshops with Les Tisseurs de Mots.
Visitors will be able to take part in hikes and walks to discover birds and raptors with the LPO. A reading space will be offered by the La Licorne media library.
Throughout the weekend: various kite exhibitions Thai traditional and artistic exhibitions. Nap area, laziness and contemplation. Organic and local catering.

Information. On the “Cultive ton ciel” Facebook page and on the website. Entrance: free participation.



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