Weather: after the heat, hailstones

Weather: after the heat, hailstones
Weather: after the heat, hailstones

The mercury passed, for the first time this year, the 30 degree mark on Wednesday in many regions of Quebec, some of which also received violent storms in the evening.

It was in Saint-Anicet, in Montérégie, that it was the hottest with the mercury rising to 32.6 degrees Celsius and a feeling of 39 degrees with the humidex. In Longueuil, the temperature rose to 31.4 degrees Celsius, while in Gatineau, it reached 30.6 degrees.

“It was officially the first 30 degrees of the season, feeling like 37 degrees Celsius with the humidity in Montreal. That provides fuel for the formation of storms,” explained Kévin Cloutier, meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

Severe thunderstorms

In Val-d’Or, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the mercury rose to 29 degrees Celsius. It is also there, as well as in the La Vérendrye wildlife reserve, that a low pressure system was expected during the day on Wednesday. Result: violent storms struck and alerts were issued by Environment Canada.

“We had good lines of storms between the Pontiac and the Matagami,” added Brigitte Bourque, meteorologist for the government organization.

On social networks, several Internet users shared photos of hundreds of large hailstones.

Photo taken from FACEBOOK

No tornadoes

Some areas were also affected by the risk of tornadoes, but the threat faded as the day progressed, said Bourque.

At the start of the evening, the Haute-Gatineau, Pontiac and Gouin reservoir sectors also received warnings of violent thunderstorms.

“We are talking about either wind gusts of 90 km/hour or more, or hailstones of 2 centimeters or more in diameter, or intense rain which would cause accumulations of water,” indicates Mr. Cloutier.

In Montreal and southern Quebec, small storms hit in the evening, but nothing significant, says Mme Bourque.

However, wind gusts reaching 84 km/h were recorded at the Saint-Hubert airport, according to Environment Canada data.

At the time of writing these lines, more than 76,000 customers were without electricity, mainly in Outaouais, Montérégie and Montreal, according to data from Hydro-Québec.

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