Major system: broadside for some, oppressive heat for others

Major system: broadside for some, oppressive heat for others
Major system: broadside for some, oppressive heat for others

Published on May 22, 2024 at 8:08 p.m.

While Quebec is sweating profusely, northern Ontario could get a late arrival.

Quebec is struggling with heat worthy of the heart of summer. Saint-Anicet was also the first municipality to have recorded 30°C on Wednesday, and everything indicates that several other sectors, such as Montreal, could join the game. Humidity is particularly present on Wednesday, with temperatures feeling close to 40 in certain places.

However, the passage of a low pressure system should put an end to this stifling sequence over the coming days.

Possible broadside in Ontario

This same system is also behind a very particular phenomenon: a possibility of seeing a late broadside in northern Ontario. Indeed, the low pressure center of this same disturbance is positioned in this region. In doing so, it draws in cool air from the north of the continent, encouraging the mercury to drop.

Result: temperatures close to 0°C are possible between Wednesday and Thursday. The expected precipitation would therefore fall in solid form, especially in high altitude regions. In the most affected areas, accumulations could reach 10 to 15 cm.

A few snowflakes are also possible towards Labrador and the Lower North Shore, but accumulations should remain very modest.


The passage of this depression would allow the entry into the scene of an atmospheric trough and, therefore, should chase away the oppressive humidity which afflicts Quebec. From Friday, the dew point should be much lower, and the feeling of coolness in the shade should make a big return.

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