SENEGAL-EUROPE-ECONOMY-LAW / Economic law, artificial intelligence and digitalization on the menu at a conference in Dakar – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, May 22 (APS) – The Cheikh Hamidou Kane Digital University (UN-CHK, ex UVS) organized, Wednesday, in Dakar, a three-day conference on the theme “Economic law, artificial intelligence and digitalization in a context Euro-African”, on the occasion of the 2024 edition of the Euro-African Economic Law Days.

”The theme perfectly reflects the shared challenges and opportunities offered by the digitalization of the economy. This topic is particularly relevant given the growing interdependence between European and African economies and the significant impact of digital transformation on these relations,” explained Moussa Lo, the rector of UN-CHK.

He noted that the world is today experiencing “a period of accelerated transformation, where artificial intelligence and digitalization are redefining economic, social and cultural paradigms.”

This conference is therefore a unique opportunity to reflect together on the profound implications of these transformations, both for Africa and for Europe, he underlined.

The general objective of these days is to “deepen understanding of the issues linked to digitalization and artificial intelligence while examining the economic specificities of Africa and Europe”.

These 2024 Euro-African economic law days offer a crucial platform for discussions to explore these transformations in African and European contexts, particularly French-speaking ones. They also aim to promote scientific culture, research and innovation, as well as to encourage interdisciplinary exchanges and international collaborations.

The president of the symposium organizing committee, Mor Bakhoum, specifies that the symposium brings together practicing lawyers, academics, technology experts, public decision-makers and representatives of the private sector.

”Together, we will dive to the heart of the issues of digitalization and artificial intelligence in their interfaces with economic law, with an emphasis on the specificities of Africa and Europe,” he said. noted

Several themes will be addressed during the panels, including data regulation, intellectual property, competition and big data, regulation and taxation of electronic commerce, ”while examining regional and international perspectives for Africa and the ‘Europe”.

Michel De Wolf, president of the Euro-African Institute of Economic Law (INEADEC), notes that the subject is “particularly important” for a country like Senegal.

Michel De Wolf, who is also a professor at the University of Louvain, believes that on the questions of artificial intelligence and digitalization, there is certainly a difference in intensity but also “a fundamentally egalitarian relationship between Europe and Africa”.




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