Two men accused of sextortion in New Brunswick plead not guilty

Jean-Michel Gouin and Ketiboua Kesse, two men from Ivory Coast, are accused of sextortion. They pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. Their trial will take place in September 2025.

Lawyers for the two co-accused appeared before Judge Anne Richard on Wednesday morning in Moncton Provincial Court.

Christian Libotte and Jules César pleaded not guilty on behalf of their clients and indicated that they wish to stand trial in Provincial Court, therefore before judge alone.

The Crown has indicated that the trial is expected to last two weeks. It will take place in more than a year, from September 2 to October 3, 2025.


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Ketiboua Kesse faces two charges in connection with alleged sextortion. He is seen here as he leaves the Moncton courthouse on May 22.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pascal Raiche-Nogue

Ketiboua Kesse did not comment upon leaving the courthouse. Jean-Michel Gouin did not attend the hearing. Both men remain at large pending trial.

He pleaded not guilty. The prosecution must prove cause beyond a reasonable doubtsaid Jean-Michel Gouin’s lawyer, Christian Libotte, as he left the courthouse.

He said he is still awaiting receipt of documents filed by police to obtain search warrants in the investigation. He may attack the validity of these warrants.

In this case, these are somewhat specific mandates, because they concern electronic disclosure, computershe said.

Several alleged victims, all in Quebec

Jean-Michel Gouin and Ketiboua Kesse appeared on the radar of police officers in the Montreal region in 2022.

The case began when a man in his 20s complained that he wired $1,000 to suspects so they wouldn’t post his intimate photos online.

Police found these two suspects in Moncton and handed the file over to the RCMPwho arrested Jean-Michel Gouin and Ketiboua Kesse in March 2023.


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Jean-Michel Gouin in March 2024, after a hearing in Provincial Court

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pascal Raiche-Nogue

Jean-Michel Gouin, now 28 years old, faces 20 counts in connection with several alleged cases of sextortion.

He is notably accused of fraud, laundering the proceeds of crime, extortion and possession of property obtained by crime. It would have caused nine victims; men and women of Quebec.

Ketiboua Kessé, for his part, is 27 years old. He is charged with possession of property obtained by crime and laundering the proceeds of crime.



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