Strike in school transport: resumption of negotiations

Strike in school transport: resumption of negotiations
Strike in school transport: resumption of negotiations

Until June 18, 2,000 students could be deprived of school buses due to a drivers’ strike… Unless the meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning between Autobus Camille Mailloux RDL and the Grand-Portage region transport union , does not bear fruit.

Since this Wednesday morning, these students from the Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup and Fleuve-et-des-Lacs school service centers have been deprived of school transportation.

In an interview given to the show Alarm clock Tuesday morning, the president of the union, Martin Plourde, estimated that the employer was not ready to give in to the demands of its members in the short term. Their demands mainly relate to better salaries.

It’s the only means of pressure we have. We don’t have a choice. I don’t see what other means of pressure we could take.

A quote from Martin Plourde, president of the Grand-Portage-CSN region transport union

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The president of the Grand-Portage-CSN region transport union, Martin Plourde

Photo: Radio-Canada / Fabienne Tercaefs

A first week-long strike took place in April over the same wage demands. The collective agreement for bus drivers expired in June 2023.

A school bus driver in Quebec earns nearly $25,000 per year on average.

The union is already announcing its intention to continue the strike at the start of the school year if no agreement is reached before the summer.

System D and understanding

Near the Joly school and the Rivière-du-Loup secondary school Tuesday afternoon, parents and grandparents talk about their organization for the coming weeks. We organize ourselves between parents. I live in Saint-Épiphane, in the morning, it will be the other mother who will travel and in the evening, it will be me. We made an agreementexplains Marie-Noëlle Belzile, whose children are in secondary school.

Another family, another organization: when parents have more complicated work schedules, grandparents are called upon to contribute. It’s retirees like me who will be caught leading them, one after the other. I have one at 7:30 a.m. and the second at 8 a.m. and some…details Réginald Dumont.

Unlike the movement in April, the strike this May should be longer and the organization of families will have to hold on. I will not be able [de tenir un mois]I have activities, too!laughs Réginald Dumont with a smile. Of course we will try to work things out because we will have no choicehe adds.

Compensatory measures for parents

The Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup School Service Center points out that support measures for parents were put in place from the start of the strike. In elementary school, children who do not usually go to daycare have exceptional access to it during this period. Financial compensation will also be offered to parents who transport their children while the strike lasts.explain those responsible.

Carpooling is also encouraged and security measures to ensure the smooth circulation of vehicles are planned around school establishments.



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