A Swiss man arrested between Madrid and Geneva with 43 kg of drugs

A Swiss man arrested between Madrid and Geneva with 43 kg of drugs
A Swiss man arrested between Madrid and Geneva with 43 kg of drugs

A Swiss man arrested between Madrid and Geneva with 43 kg of drugs


Published today at 2:00 p.m.

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On May 18, a 30-year-old Swiss motorist was arrested in France with 43.2 kg of drugs while he was driving towards Geneva. The thirty-year-old, who came from Madrid, was intercepted by French customs in Estézargues on the A9 motorway, in Gard.

On board the vehicle, officers discovered 43 kilos of weed and 244 grams of cannabis resin. The drugs were distributed in 146 bags hidden in four caches, in the trunk, on the back seat and in the front, passenger side, reports “Objective Gard».

During his trial which was held this Tuesday before the Nîmes Criminal Court, the defendant explained that he was facing serious financial problems and that he had taken this opportunity to make money and repay his debts. debts.

It was thanks to a friend that he found this case. He then bought a used car for 9,000 euros and, after entrusting it to an individual to prepare it in Spain, he took a flight to Madrid. On his arrival, accomplices lead him to his vehicle filled with drugs which he must bring back to Geneva. For this transport, he must receive 4000 euros.

When it is pointed out to him that it is not logical to be paid 4,000 euros when he has spent more than double between the car and the plane ticket, the defendant with a clean criminal record admits that he thought he was doing several trips.

A pawn in the network

The defense lawyer emphasizes that his client, caught in debt, made the worst decision of his life and is in reality a pawn in this drug trafficking network. He asked the court to show leniency so that he could return to Switzerland and keep his job.

The Nîmes Criminal Court finally sentenced the thirty-year-old to three years in prison, ordered his immediate incarceration and banned him from the national territory for ten years. In addition, the seized goods were confiscated and a customs fine of 220,200 euros was imposed.


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