Gabriel Attal chairs the national tribute

Gabriel Attal chairs the national tribute
Gabriel Attal chairs the national tribute

By Martin Lagrave

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In the absence of the Head of State traveling to New Caledonia, Gabriel Attal will chair this Wednesday noon the national tribute ceremony to the two prison officers killed on May 14.

Eight days after the execution of two prison officers during the attack on a van in Eure, a national tribute is chaired this Wednesday at noon by Gabriel Attal at the Caen remand center. First, the head of government will meet the families of the victims at 11 a.m. The two deceased agents, Arnaud Garcia and Fabrice Moello, were posthumously decorated with the Legion of Honor yesterday.

Emmanuel Macron, who was initially scheduled to take part in the ceremony, canceled his visit due to traveling to New Caledonia. However, the head of state met the families of the two victims on Tuesday. President “couldn’t imagine leaving Paris without meeting them and offering them my condolences”, said those around him. His absence from the tribute is “a new blow for prison staff” And “a cruel disillusionment”for its part reacted the inter-union of prison guards in a press release.

Tuesday May 14, the violence of the images of the assault perpetrated by a heavily armed commando “to the ram car” had provoked a very strong emotion. In addition to the two victims, three other prison officers were seriously injured in this ambush aimed at the release of Mohamed Amra, still on the run.

Deeply shocked, the prison officers began a movement in the middle of last week to block establishments to “keep the pressure on” on the government. In response, the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti signed an agreement this Tuesday with the inter-union of prison guards committing to putting in place around thirty measures to improve their security. The Association of Inquiring Magistrates (AFMI) and the two main magistrates’ unions have also asked to be received “as soon as possible” by the Minister of Justice, and associated with the plan to reorganize judicial extractions.




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