Eure. Ambush against a backdrop of romantic rivalry: three defendants tried for murder



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May 22, 2024 at 1:30 p.m.

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A young woman of 26 years old (at the time of the events) and two men of 26 and 38 years old will appear for murder at the Eure Assize Court, which will sit at Flower pavilion in Evreux,u May 23 to 29, 2024. The victim was another young woman (27 years old) living in Brionne.

Horror and fear in the region

This sordid case of murder of a woman in Morainville-Jouveaux (village near Cormeilles), whose body was found charred in a wood in Brétigny (near Brionne) three years ago (April 27, 2021) had sparked fear and horror in the regionat the material time.

It must be said that the victim, Angelina Dorleans, was young (27 years old) and well known in the region. The daughter of a farming family living in Condé-sur-Risle, near Pont-Audemer, she had just moved to Brionne.

As for those indicted for murder, they too are young. Tiphanie Van Steen and Jérôme Boucher were aged 26 at the material time, Jeremiah Lecomte had 38. If the latter had already been convicted of vviolence and sexual assault, the first two on the other hand had a clean record. They had never been talked about.

Tiphanie Van Steen was “a young woman without history, discreet”, affirmed in L’Eveil on May 5, 2021 the mayor of Morainville-Jouveaux, Jacques Enos. However, it is this trio that is accused of having strained a real ambush for the victim, killing her, moving the body, transporting it by car and burning it in a wood, 20 km away. A trio who must appear from May 23 to 29 at the Assises in Évreux.

A well-conducted investigation

The investigators were effective in this case. The emergency services having been alerted – by a motorist traveling on the RD 48 – that a car was burning, around 11:30 p.m., on April 27, 2021, firefighters and police rushed to the scene. The latter were able to collect the testimony of the motorist, who had also seen three individuals flee running along the departmental road, between Brionne and Brétigny.

The identification of the victim was also possible quickly. Significant resources were then deployed. The soldiers of the Brionne gendarmerie brigade, the Bernay research brigade, the criminal investigation unit and the Rouen research section being mobilized, the gendarmerie investigation was quickly concluded.

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As indicated during a press conference in Évreux on April 30, 2021 Dominique Puechmaille, the Public Prosecutor at the time, the first investigations had made it possible to rule out the theory of suicide.

Dominique Puechmaille was a prosecutor in Évreux at the material time. She and Cédric Collard, commander of the Eure gendarmerie group, gave a press conference on Friday April 30, 2021, three days after the murder, in the premises of the Eure gendarmerie group. ©Archive photo Éveil Normand/Éveil de Pont-Audemer

The investigation then focused on a man with whom the victim worked and with whom she had in the past a relationship described as “sentimental”.

The victim beaten, strangled and burned

Quickly, the gendarmes then focused on a former companion of this man. A woman who clearly had difficulty accepting this separation.

It is this young woman, Tiphanie Van Steen, who allegedly set a trap for her victim, Angélina Dorléans. Posing as her ex-partner via text messageshe would have attracted Angélina Dorléans to her home, in Morainville-Jouveaux.

Tiphanie Van Steen, but also Jérôme Boucher and Jérémie Lecomte, were waiting for him there. The trio then allegedly hit the victim with a stick, before strangling him with a belt, and then put him in the trunk of his own car.

Tiphanie Van Steen, who had been introduced as the instigator of this murder during the press conference on April 30, 2021 in Évreux, then left Morainville-Jouveaux heading to Brétigny, driving Angélina’s car, where the car was set on fire with the victim on board. By taking care to place the victim’s body in the driver’s seat, in an attempt to disguise the crime.

Seals had been placed on the door of the house where the tragedy took place, in Morainville-Jouveaux. ©Archive photo Éveill Normand/Éveil de Pont-Audemer

A motive, jealousy?

The motive for the crime appears to be jealousy. Tiphanie Van Steen, who could not have tolerated the breakup with her former partner, would have, according to the gendarmes, harassed Angélina Dorléans, before imagining killing her. Tiphanie Van Steenwould also have meticulously organized the ambush into which Angélina Dorléans would fall.

If this affair had aroused so much fear and horror in the region, at the time of the events, it was also because Angélina Dorléans was perceived as “a sparkling and smiling woman”as one of her close friends told us three years ago.

Former student of the agricultural high school of Tourville-sur-Pont-Audemer, “adorable and full of life” according to one of the former deputy directors of the establishment and mayor of the town Jean Legrix, she left only good memories there. An agricultural employee, Angélina Dorléans had notably worked in Boissey-le-Châtel, the town where her funeral was celebrated and where the young woman was buriedJuly 6, 2021.

Five days of trial

The three protagonists of this sordid affair had been arrested 24 hours after the discovery of the charred body in Brétigny. They had been placed taken into custody then indicted for murder and imprisoned.

Kept in detention, they will appear for murder at the assizes in Évreux. Their trial is expected to last five daystaking place on May 23, 24, 27, 28 and 29. Master Yael Godefroy, of the Rouen bar, will defend Tiphanie Van Steen. Jérôme Boucher will have as defender Farah Hatem Ibarz, lawyer in Évreux. Jérémie Lecomte will be defended by Master Floriane Gabriel, lawyer in Dives-sur-Mer (Lisieux bar).

Several members of Angélina Dorléans’ family, parents, brother and sister planned to become civil parties. Three Ebroician lawyers, Nelly Leroux-Bostyn, Marc François and Karine Alexandre, will defend their interests.

The popular jury should deliver its verdict this Wednesday May 29, 2024. Tiphanie Van Steen, Jérôme Boucher and Jérémie Lecomte are all running life imprisonment.

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