State of education in Seine-Saint-Denis

State of education in Seine-Saint-Denis
State of education in Seine-Saint-Denis

Since February 26, teachers, parents and elected officials from Seine-Saint-Denis, the poorest department in France, have been mobilizing and demanding an emergency plan for education of 358 million euros in the 93 and guarantee the equal opportunities.

According to teachers’ unions, there is a shortage of 5,000 teaching positions, as well as health and education staff in increasingly dilapidated establishments. Lack or non-replacement of teachers and staff, not enough support workers for students with disabilities (AESH) and school segregation. At the beginning of April, 12 mayors of municipalities in this department joined them and issued a joint decree to press the State to act and respond to the demands of the inter-union. Where is their fight? How can we restore good educational conditions in a department which has the lowest educational level in the metropolis?

With :

• Alixe Rivièrevice-president of the Seine-Saint-Denis FCPE.

• Youssef Souidieconomist, postdoctoral researcher at CNRS et al’Paris Dauphine-PSL University author of Towards school secession? Mechanics of segregation in college (April 2024 Editions Fayard)

Marie-Hélène Plardnursery school teacher in a school in Seine-Saint-Denis and representative of the FSU-SNUIPP Unitary Union Federation – National Unitary Union of Teachers, School Teachers and General Education Teachers of Colleges

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