Dead after days of suffering: 5-year-old girl violently beaten in Ottawa

Dead after days of suffering: 5-year-old girl violently beaten in Ottawa
Dead after days of suffering: 5-year-old girl violently beaten in Ottawa

A 5-year-old girl from Ottawa who was allegedly violently beaten by her mother’s partner died of her injuries after several long days of suffering, after he refused to take her to the hospital because of her too many bruises.

It was to avoid having to answer “a lot of questions” about the “shocking” number of bruises and injuries on the body of little Chloe Guan-Branch that Justin Cassie-Berube allegedly refused to allow her to be seen by a doctor, the Ontario Superior Court heard last March, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

A few days before Cassie-Berube’s sentence, the court would have agreed, with the agreement of the girl’s paternal grandparents, to lift the publication ban on the identity of the young victim to give her ” the last word,” judge Pierre Roger said on Tuesday.

Little Chloe was found lifeless on May 15, 2020, just 5 days after her 5th birthday, after spending the last days of her life in a lethargic state, grunting in pain, with a hard stomach due to a rupture. bladder and numerous bruises.

The little girl had already made headlines for her unexpected birth on a plane between Calgary and Tokyo on Mother’s Day 2015, when her mother, Ada Guan, did not even know she was pregnant. She separated from the girl’s father, Wes Branch, a year after the birth.

Disturbing evidence of abuse

According to a pathologist, the girl’s body showed disturbing evidence of abuse that would have “seriously alarmed any medical professional,” including a significant injury to her head in May 2020, recently healed rib fractures, and multiple bruises on his abdomen and arms, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

She also had “possible cigarette burn marks on her lower left hip.”

But despite her “imperative” need for care, Justin Cassie-Berube would have refused to allow her to be seen by a doctor for fear that her bruises would raise questions, would have testified the little one’s mother, who would have complied so as not to put herself his partner on his back.

The man had a controlling relationship over the girl’s mother, with attacks of jealousy and threats of suicide if she left him, the judge summarized in March, said Ottawa Citizen.

“Very panicked”

It was only when he found the child’s inert body on May 15 at the start of the afternoon that he finally decided, “very panicked”, to call the emergency services, the court noted.

According to coroner’s reports, little Chloe died of acute uremia, an illness that causes intense pain, nausea and vomiting, the English-speaking media reported.

For his part, Justin Cassie-Berube was reportedly found guilty in March of manslaughter, assault, criminal negligence and failure to provide for the girl’s vital needs, after trying to minimize his role in the death in front of the courtyard.

He is expected to receive his sentence on Friday.



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