a man sentenced after an attack on a firefighter

A violent man sentenced to one year in prison with an electronic bracelet for assaulting a firefighter in Nîmes

A man already convicted for similar offenses was again found guilty of assaulting a firefighter during an intervention in Nîmes. He was sentenced to one year in prison with an electronic bracelet and will have to pay damages to the victim and the SDIS 30.

The facts occurred on December 3, 2023 while firefighters came to rescue a person. The victim’s son, in a drunken state, insulted and shoved a firefighter before shouldering him and attempting to punch him in the face.

The “OMV” (Outrages-Threats-Violence) procedure was immediately applied, allowing comprehensive care for the attacked firefighter. The latter, as well as SDIS 30, filed a complaint.

The defendant, already convicted of attacks on firefighters, was tried by the Nîmes criminal court on May 16, 2024. He was found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison with an electronic bracelet. He will also have to receive treatment and pay damages to the firefighter and SDIS 30.

The president and director of SDIS 30 wanted to express their support for the attacked firefighter and their indignation at this intolerable act. They also recalled that complaints are filed and the “OMV” procedure is triggered systematically in the event of an attack on a firefighter.

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