This town in Eure offers a conference-debate to improve your concentration

This town in Eure offers a conference-debate to improve your concentration
This town in Eure offers a conference-debate to improve your concentration


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May 22, 2024 at 12:49 p.m.

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In Vernon (Eure), Didier Noyé, expert in human resources development, invites you to participate in a conference-debate on theattention which will take place on Saturday June 1st.

” I did not sleep well. I can’t seem to focus. My eyes hurt. » Many adults, parents or not, hear or make this observation. “How come I can’t remember anything?” Why am I upset? Fatigue ? »

During the presentation of a famous illusionist speaker and seasoned professional, Didier Noyé was interested in the way in which the magician, Régis Rossi, captured the attention of his guinea pigs in order to distract them from his manipulations.

A conference geared towards youth

Exactly like the screens capture our attention. “My game console, my cell phone, my tablet give me immediate pleasure that I am not ready to give up. » This is basically what the brain says to all screen enthusiasts without suspecting that this solicitation gradually generates an attention deficit disorder as demonstrated by neuroscience.

The conference that I am going to give will be much more oriented towards children and young people than towards adults in business. The fundamental and essential starting point is awareness and then the individual and personal will to change. Indeed, concentration does not require effort, but motivation.

Didier Noyé, human resources development expert

He will present his latest work, The art of attention: concentrating in an environment of distractions, written in collaboration with Régis Rossi and Claire Lauzol, business coach. The speaker will provide the audience with accessible techniques and numerous tips to improve our attention in a lasting way.

This conference is aimed at all audiences, those who are in contact with children, and even very young children or adolescents or those who feel a need to pay attention to themselves.

The battle for attention: free conference by Didier Noyé, Saturday June 1 at 3 p.m. at the Espace Philippe-Auguste in Vernon.

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