Aude: join the dance with Evidanse, a festival accessible to all

Aude: join the dance with Evidanse, a festival accessible to all
Aude: join the dance with Evidanse, a festival accessible to all

the essential
Created last year, Evidanse must become an unmissable event, an obvious choice, to compensate for the absence until now of a festival dedicated to contemporary dance in Limouxin and Carcassonnais. It starts this Sunday.

For its second edition, Evidanse offers an ode to contemporary dance for a week (from May 26 to June 2). At the initiative of the Portes Sud company, to which the Théâtre dans les Vignes was added for the start last year, and this year the ATP de l’Aude (Association du Théâtre Populaire), the festival presents a thousand and a facet of dance through shows, activities, workshops, and strolls. In Limoux but also in Couffoulens, Carcassonne and Villar-en-Val, this event intends to bring together a large audience eager to discover this art of dance that is too often unknown in rural areas.

The program

SUNDAY MAY 26. “Sentier en Poetry” dance workshop with Michel Raji in Villar-en-Val, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations on 04 68 69 53 65.
WEDNESDAY MAY 29. Conference “The history of dance” with Place de la danse at the Saint-Joseph high school in Limoux (10:30 a.m.). Conference “Dance in 10 dates” hosted by Place de la danse at the André Chénier nursing home in Limoux (2 p.m., free). Performance “Small graphic forms” on the square in front of the conservatory in Carcassonne (4 p.m.) with students from the Fabrique des Arts (free entry).
THURSDAY MAY 30. “Petit air du temps” show at the Tiers-lieu “Aux manettes” in Limoux (2:30 p.m.) with the Vilcanota Company (performance, free entry). “Small choreographic forms” at the TDLV (Théâtre dans les Vignes) in Cornèze (7 p.m.) with students from the Fabrique des Arts (free entry). “Make it bloom” show at TDLV (8:30 p.m.) with the Hinterland collective. Reservations on 04 68 72 30 55.
FRIDAY MAY 31. “Méga barre” event in Limoux (11 a.m.) hosted by Cie Portes Sud. “Méga plateau” show on the island of Sournies in Limoux (6:30 p.m.) with local dance schools (free entry). “Short people” show on the island of Sournies (7:30 p.m.) with the Vilcanota Company (free entry). Contemporary ball on the island of Sournies (8:30 p.m.) hosted by DJ Cyril Tores (free entry).
Saturday June 1st. “Sound and sensitive nap” animation at the TDLV in Cornèze (5:30 p.m.) with Cie Portes Sud (free entry). Show “Little air of the times & Smiling or almost” at the TDLV with the Vilcanota Company (8:30 p.m.).
SUNDAY JUNE 2. “Sound and sensitive nap” animation on the island of Sournies in Limoux (4 p.m.) with Cie Portes Sud (free entry). “Chorésophia” show/walk in Limoux (5:30 p.m.) with Michel Raji (free entry).

The opportunity to give a nod to a company that spares no effort to popularize and be an ambassador of dance, whether contemporary, jazz, salsa or others… Portes Sud was created by Laurence Wagner and today brings together three young choreographers: Maude Vergnaud, Isabelle Leroy and Loriane Wagner. The commitment of artists in the field aims to promote access to live performance, artistic practices, the reappropriation of public space, and to participate in the meeting and sharing between the artistic act and the population. .

“Dance is everywhere, for everyone”

Great commitments which are brought to fruition by the organization of this Evidanse event: “Contemporary dance is still too little represented in our territory and yet it is a formidable visual, sensitive, emotional and communicational tool for meeting the public. the continuity of our work undertaken for more than 20 years in the Aude region, we have chosen the theme of ‘The migration of gesture’ for this edition of the festival To meet populations in different places and with different expressions. of dance and the body seems to us to be of primordial importance in making culture, and more particularly dance, accessible to as many people as possible. Dance is everywhere, for everyone”, declare the choreographers of Cie Portes in unison. South.

The four choreographers of the Portes Sud Company.
DR – Cie Portes Sud

The Théâtre dans les Vignes did not want to be absent to celebrate this agreement between dance and vines. Installed in a rehabilitated winery in the hamlet of Cornèze, in the commune of Couffoulens, this space gives dancers a suitable place where they can research, create and share with the public.




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