A new dating app soon to be launched

It’s a brand new concept which will very soon be established in Brive-la-Gaillarde. On May 29, 2024, at the Cardinal, a special evening for singles will be organized, in partnership with “Call Me”, a brand new French dating application, launched 6 months ago now in Clermont-Ferrand.

A QR Code to meet

The concept is very simple: during a specific event, in a given location, users will be able to scan a QR Code. Following this, they will be able to find the profiles of people registered on the application, who will also be present at the same event. “We wanted to focus on real profiles, to stop remote discussions that last for weeks or months”explains Lionel SOL, president of the company.

An idea that had been bouncing around in his head for a few years now. “I was in a restaurant in the South of France. People could contact each other via a telephone on their table, and they called each other to get to know each other. We wanted to create an app on this type of concept, because today everyone has their phone in their hand or in their pocket. It will make it easier for people to meet each other.”

A “weariness” of classic apps?

Especially since today, there seems to be a certain weariness of more traditional dating applications, which are widely used today to find a soul mate. “Around me, people have difficulty meeting or accosting each other, whether in a bar, a nightclub, or any other festive place. There is a lot of weariness with dating apps, people do not always find what they are looking for, and discussions can last a long time without any meeting taking place”notes Lionel Sol.

Brive-la-Gaillarde will therefore be the 2nd city in France where the application will be present, after Clermont-Ferrand, the city of origin of Lionel and his partner. “I was made to meet the boss of the Cardinal, through an acquaintance. When I submitted the idea, he was immediately hooked. We gave ourselves a month and a half to organize it, and now we can bring this new concept to the region.”

An “engine” for places hosting events

This concept also seems to be a win-win for the companies hosting the event. “The goal is to bring customers to the establishments as well”explains Lionel. “People who would not necessarily have come to the bar, the discotheque or other, will know via the app the evening, the place, and they will be able to come back, or bring other people with them. For the owner of the establishment , It’s a plus”.

The concept should also be expanded very soon. “We are already working to open the concept to sports halls. We were, and still are, in contact with the Lovely Brive Festival, for a potential presence of the application during the 2025 edition”. In the meantime, the meeting is set for May 29 at the Cardinal in Brive-la-Gaillarde. It remains to be seen whether the Brivists will be receptive to the concept.

Practical information: It is possible to reserve your place for the evening of May 29 via the Instagram accounts of the Call.Me application, or via the Cardinal’s Instagram.



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