“Redoubtable” exercise: 1,000 people mobilized in Cherbourg to reinvent emergency medicine

“Redoubtable” exercise: 1,000 people mobilized in Cherbourg to reinvent emergency medicine
“Redoubtable” exercise: 1,000 people mobilized in Cherbourg to reinvent emergency medicine


Juliette Voisin

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May 22, 2024 at 12:16 p.m.

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Did you know ? Currently, the emergency services are only capable of simultaneously supporting around twenty serious burn victims In France. But what would happen if they had to deal with more than a hundred victims?

To anticipate this situation, the Samu de Paris and the AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris) are organizing a national exercise this Wednesday May 22, 2024 in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche).

“The town of Cherbourg was selected, but it is a national plan. Any city could have been chosen, specifies Mayor Benoît Arrivé. The Pasteur hospital is extremely mobilized, but the municipal services were not involved in the organization. If this had been the case, the municipal protection plan would have been triggered. »

In total, a thousand speakers are expected until first light on Thursday.

Ferry passengers burned off Cherbourg

here is the disaster scenario called “Redoubtable”. Imagine a fire breaks out on a ferry at 1 a.m. on the open sea.

As the hours passed, the fire was not under control, several victims are burned. These will be played by hundreds of students came from Paris, who will be made up at the Pasteur hospital.

Help from all over France mobilized

Do not be surprisedas part of this exercise, numerous emergency vehicles will circulate this Wednesday around the hospital, the train station and the Cherbourg-Manche airport.

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As soon as the arrival of woundedbetween 11 a.m. and noon at the port of Cherbourg, numerous teams (Civil Protection, Red Cross, Samu, etc.) are expected.

Evacuations by Airbus and TER

For emergency evacuate the many serious burn victims, an Airbus A350 will take off from Orly at noon towards Maupertus. This is the first time that the airport will see such a plane land on its tarmac.

At the beginning of the evening, a TER will also be made available to transport victims to Paris.

THE local units Civil Protection and Samu, as well as students from Ifsi Saint-Lô will also be mobilized.

The exercise will end during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

This formidable exercise will allow healthcare teams and civil society to come together to test new care strategies in the event of a disaster.

Lionel Lamhaut, professor of emergency medicine Paris Cité University

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