middle school students without a French teacher for 14 weeks

middle school students without a French teacher for 14 weeks
middle school students without a French teacher for 14 weeks

For 14 weeks, in a college in Saint-Brévin (Loire-Atlantique), the French teacher is absent and not replaced. For students, the French test represents a good part of the grade. These 14 weeks also represent 40% of the school year. A loss that is difficult to make up for, almost a month before the exam.

Guylaine and Laurence are worried. Their children in 3rd grade suffer from the absence of certain teachers who have not been replaced. They listed everything on a sheet, in a small spreadsheet. The observation is overwhelming: 141 hours missed classes. “Our daughter is afraid of not having her certificate. So, we are very worried,” they react.

Today, Guylaine and Laurence had to urgently find alternatives to overcome this lack. “We go on the internet, there are professors who make videos on YouTube, which are fantastic. We buy patent records. Everyone tinkers as best they can.”

Faced with this situation, Gaëlle Blanchard Fortier, elected representative of parents, launched an appeal. “The certificate is in two months, the high school, four months. So, we are calling on all those of good will, the temporary workers, all those who feel like teaching to put a French teacher in their classes. Write to the rectorate, help us, help our children.”

For its part, the rectorate assures that it is looking for replacement teachers, but says lack of candidates.

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