Attack on a prison van in Eure: “we are not paid to be killed…” The prison guards do not take off

Attack on a prison van in Eure: “we are not paid to be killed…” The prison guards do not take off
Attack on a prison van in Eure: “we are not paid to be killed…” The prison guards do not take off

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Eight days after the spectacular attack on a prison convoy in Eure, causing the death of two prison guards, the guards have not yet calmed down.

After the assassination of two prison guards during the judicial extraction of inmate Mohamed Amra on May 14, prison centers in France were the scene of numerous blockages. The emotion of the prison guards, horrified by the execution of two of their colleagues, is still strong even though the protest movements on the ground have ceased. But the anger is far from subsiding.

In Vendin-le-Vieil, in Pas-de-Calais, this prison which houses, among others, the former king of escape Redouane Faïd, the tension rose a notch two days after the tragedy of Incarville . A judicial extraction escort 3, of the same level as that organized for Mohamed Amra, gave rise to a standoff between supervisors and management of the establishment. The guards demanded the presence of law enforcement officers to supervise the convoy despite the reluctance of their management. Otherwise, staff and unions had indicated that they would not carry out the mission.

It took intervention from the hierarchy for the supervisors to finally win their case.
Since the fatal shooting, the blows have far from subsided among prison staff. “We feel less and less safe and many guards are expressing their wish to leave the profession,” recognizes, on condition of anonymity, a prison guard from the north of France. “What happened could have happened to any other supervisor. Colleagues still ask a lot of questions before carrying out legal extractions and their wives are afraid.”

“We don’t get paid to get killed.”

In the list of grievances sent to the Ministry of Justice, the demands mainly relate to their security. Strengthening training, providing heavy weapons, armored and unmarked vehicles equipped with a bull bar (steel protection placed on the grille), armored windows, so many requests which are now awaiting a clear response from the Ministry of Defense. guardianship. This violent attack and this double assassination highlights the dangerousness of a profession which is suffering the full force of a vocations crisis.

A prison officer starts with a net salary of €1,800 per month, counting the thirteenth month. “We are not paid to be killed,” insists this supervisor of a central center. “How can we explain to the general public that dozens of cell phones are found in cells, that outside visitors are not searched at the entrance to prisons (they only pass through an electronic gate) and that cell phone jammers are not searched? ‘not equip all the cells?’




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