Ono Cannabis expands its factory in Lévis and prepares to export its product to Germany

Ono Cannabis expands its factory in Lévis and prepares to export its product to Germany
Ono Cannabis expands its factory in Lévis and prepares to export its product to Germany

While dozens of Quebec and Canadian cannabis production companies are going bankrupt, Ono Cannabis, in Lévis, is preparing to double its production thanks to an expansion of its facilities, in addition to exporting its product to Germany.

Established in the industrial district of Saint-Nicolas since 2021, Ono Cannabis has become the main player in the cannabis production and processing market, in the greater Quebec region.

This year, its turnover will be close to $10 million, estimates Steeven Sirois, one of the company’s founders.



Photo Stevens LeBlanc

The founders and investors of the Ono Cannabis company. From left to right: Jérémie Gagnon, Carol Gignac, Alexandre Blais, Steeven Sirois, William Rousseau and the general director, Christine Carrier.

Faced with “growing” demand, the company will soon invest nearly $5 million to expand its factory, thus increasing its annual cannabis production from 5,000 to 10,000 kilos.

The newspaper was also able to visit the factory, where aeroponic cultivation is practiced, at the cutting edge of technology. The temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation of the rooms are rigorously controlled, even recreating the cycle of the seasons, necessary for the plants to flower.

This method allows for accelerated production time as well as better risk management, by avoiding certain contaminants such as insects or other bacteria from the soil, explains co-founder William Rousseau.

Learn from others

“We were lucky not to be among the first to launch into this industry, to watch what was happening and how it was happening, with the aim of learning,” he mentions, to explain the success of his business, at a time when others are giving up.

In Quebec last year, four companies went bankrupt in this area.

100 kilos per month at the SQDC

Thus, each month, the company sells nearly 100 kilos of cannabis to the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) as well as 32 kilos to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Ono cannabis also recently received the necessary authorizations to export its six varieties of cannabis, intended for the medical market in Germany.

The market in Israel and Australia is also in the sights of Lévis producers.



Photo Stevens LeBlanc

Currently, Ono Cannabis employs around forty people, including around ten Mexican workers.

Next month, 23 Guatemalan workers will come and get their hands dirty.

The latter all have experience in agriculture, while some have worked in coffee or flower crops.

“We have rented houses for them and we will travel for them to come and work,” says Mr. Sirois.

“Zero tolerance”

Contrary to “popular thinking”, the founders of Ono cannabis pride themselves on being a “serious company, far from stereotypes”, even though the consumption of cannabis is prohibited.

“Here, there is zero tolerance,” says Mr. Sirois.

“People think we’re big cannabis users, but that’s not the case at all. There are people here who don’t consume it at all and others who do it occasionally,” adds Mr. Rousseau.

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