SENEGAL-SANTE / The misuse of medicines, a new challenge in the fight against drugs (doctor) – Senegalese press agency

Dakar, May 21 (APS) – Professor Idrissa Ba, technical coordinator of the Dakar Center for Integrated Addiction Care (CEPIAD), expressed concern, Tuesday, in Dakar, about the use of medications for the purposes of drug consumption, a phenomenon which, according to him, makes the fight against narcotics complex.

”The challenges of the fight against drugs also concern other substances which are an integral part of our lives: medicines are diverted and constitute a great danger in Senegal,” warned Mr. Ba, a drug specialist. addictionology.

He took part in an international conference on social sciences and drugs in French-speaking Africa.

This meeting is being held in Dakar, from Tuesday to Thursday, on the theme: ”Diversification of uses, transformation of approaches”.

According to the technical coordinator of CEPIAD, Senegal, a drug hub, has become a ‘consumption zone’.

“Emerging antiphetamines, tramadole and candezetamine are among the medications” used by drug users, said Idrissa Ba.

According to him, the conference should serve to establish a link between the treatment of drug users and research.

”The first and last research that was done was the 2011 survey, which was a snapshot of the moment. Today, we are faced with other challenges, hence the importance [pour nous] to face this situation,” underlined Mr. Ba.

Along the same lines, Doctor Karim Diop, secretary general of the Fann Regional Center for Research and Training in Clinical Care, in Dakar, confirmed the “misused use” of medications.

”This is the example of certain students who, in order not to sleep, take certain medications, [avec le risque de] sink into addiction. We did tests on young people and we found that they were using psychotropic drugs,” said Mr. Diop.

This behavior promotes addiction, according to him.

Professor Mbissane Ngom, from the training and research unit in legal and political sciences at Gaston-Berger University in Saint-Louis (north), declares that ”many of these drugs come […] from Asia and cross the desert [du Sahara] to arrive in our countries”.

He points out that this situation creates “a security issue”.

”Drug trafficking fuels violence and insecurity. In West Africa, we favor a repressive penal response. And what we see is the failure of [lutte] against drugs, which has become a [lutte] against drug addicts,” lamented Mr. Ngom.

”From this point of view, we are trying to see what is being done at CEPIAD to develop a health approach and an approach based on human rights,” he added.

The solution should not consist only of ”imprisoning drug users, who may be sick when they are addicted or recreational users, who will enter this circuit of crime because they are in prison,” explained Mbissane Ngom.




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