SENEGAL-EDUCATION / The government committed to building quality human capital on the basis of attractive education (minister) – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, May 21 (APS) – President Bassirou Diomaye Faye has committed the Senegalese government to building quality human capital from attractive, accessible scientific education and training aligned with economic and social development needs. of the country, indicated the Minister of Civil Service and Public Service Reform, Olivier Boucal.

This option of the new government involves scaling up quality inclusive education, through a good territorial network to ensure local education for all, and in particular vulnerable groups, he said.

On Tuesday in Dakar, he chaired a regional workshop of the “Education out loud” (EOL, in English) program, on behalf of his colleague from Education, Moustapha Guirassy.

“Our efforts will be oriented in the direction of the sovereignist vision proposed to the Senegalese. Its operationalization, already underway, will promote equity and correct disparities, vulnerabilities and inequalities in access, success and participation of all in education,” he said.

The government has thus taken “the firm resolution to cooperate with all stakeholders, through structured frameworks, to meet the major challenges”, he assured.

With this in mind, added Mr. Boucal, “the emphasis will be placed on the necessary synergies, the complementarity between the actors, in particular those of civil society”.

“The short time that we have just been at the head of the country has already allowed us to measure the complexity of the issues, but it has also informed us of the enormous potential in human resources whose adequate use should make it possible to take on embrace the many challenges identified,” he noted.

He believes that “these challenges can only be met within the framework of true African integration” which would allow “our different countries to collaborate closely, to support relations between their different components and to synergize their different resources ”.

Speaking about the meeting which brings together civil society actors under the leadership of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Olivier Boucal says he is convinced that the program will significantly contribute to the transformation of education, to make it a real lever for the development of human capital, sine qua non conditions for building a sovereign and prosperous Africa.

The three-day regional workshop takes place as part of the program’s extension phase (2024-2027), of the program (Education Out Loud, or Education out loud).

The Coalition of Synergistic Organizations for the Defense of Public Education (COSYDEP) is a stakeholder in this program in Senegal.

EOL is a fund that finances civil society organizations in West and Central Africa for quality public education accessible to all.




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