Hanouna goes from France Télévisions to the Paris Olympics for the first issue

Hanouna goes from France Télévisions to the Paris Olympics for the first issue
Hanouna goes from France Télévisions to the Paris Olympics for the first issue
C8/TPMP screen capture Jacques Cardoze in TPMP on February 1, 2024.

C8/TPMP screen capture

Jacques Cardoze in TPMP on February 1, 2024.

TELEVISION – It’s beyond understanding. While Cyril Hanouna and journalist Jacques Cardoze have been announcing for several months the arrival of a program close to the formula of Further investigation with the subject France Télévisions, the first issue of this long-awaited program will ultimately have… nothing to do with the France 2 magazine.

Unveiled this Tuesday, May 21 by the C8 channel, which will broadcast Additional investigation for the first time on Tuesday June 11 at 9 p.m., the theme of the magazine, inspired by that of Tristan Waleckx, will resonate more with current events: it will focus on the security issue during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Terrorist threat, isolated attack, hostage-taking, cyber attacks, political disruptions, strikes, malfunction of an information system or even soup throwers… All our interlocutors confirm it to us: ensuring the security of the Olympic Games in 2024 means is to confront a multiple and unprecedented challenge”explains the channel in a press release relayed by Pure Media and confirming information from Parisian.

In this first issue of “Additional Investigation”, we will meet all those responsible for highly confidential security plans: GIGN, BRI, Raid, National Defense, specialized intervention units, private security, CIO officials, prefect of Paris, the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin », promises Jacques Cardoze’s show produced by Cyril Hanouna’s production company, H2O Productions.

Nothing to do with the initial promise of Cyril Hanouna and his recruit, made in the wake of the broadcast of an issue of Further investigation devoted entirely to Cyril Hanouna at the end of November.

Vitriolic investigation into France Télévisions

It must be said that it was the broadcast of the France 2 magazine on the star presenter of C8 which had pushed Cyril Hanouna and Jacques Cardoze, former journalist from France Télévisions who also presented Further investigation before his departure from the public group, to create this new show. Since then, the promise of a shocking behind-the-scenes report from France Télévisions had been announced and confirmed several times by Cyril Hanouna.

The latter did not hesitate to deny an article in the Parisian which claimed, according to a Source, that the Canal+ group (to which C8 belongs) would have been reluctant to broadcast the film “ as is “, because ” too violent » for France Télévisions.

Please note that it does not embarrass Canal+ at all and that it will be broadcast very soon on C8. They bothered to write an article for nothing because I’m the producer and I can tell you that it will be broadcast”he then assured Do not touch My TV. Promising in passing that it would be broadcast “before the end of the season”Cyril Hanouna also revealed extracts from this issue produced and presented by Jacques Cardoze.

Despite these promises, the latter finally changed its mind to test its formula, focusing instead on the Paris 2024 Olympics. A subject undoubtedly more salesy and close to the problems of viewers just a few weeks before the start. sending the event to France.

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