Abbey: Payerne will have to decide between 3 and 5 years of support

Payerne will have to decide between three and five years of support

Published today at 6:30 p.m.

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To reach the mark of 20,000 annual visitors by 2028, how long must the City of Payerne grant additional grant of 150,000 francs to the Payerne Abbey Site Association (ASAP)? Five years, requests the Municipality by way of notice.

We remember that its rise, announced as part of the 2024 budget, had been refused by the Municipal Council. The Finance Committee and the majority of the Technical Committee propose to take stock after three years.

“Do we really need to invest even more money and energy knowing that we will never approach black figures and that the only return on investment is an indirect impact on the city’s businesses?” questions Michaël Marguet (UDC), rapporteur of the technical commission. This therefore proposes to redo an evaluation after three years of operation with one more person on the team and an inflated marketing budget. The Municipal Council will decide on Thursday.

Opened in 2020

As a reminder, this mecca of Romanesque architecture attracted 14,000 people in 2020 (July-December), 15,700 in 2021 (March-December), then 11,600 and 12,000 over the years 2022 and 2023 , not disrupted by Covid. All with an annual subsidy of 290,000 francs to ASAP for its operation. Two additional amounts of 60,000 francs and 80,000 francs are allocated, respectively, to the cultural program and the information point.

“To allow a long-term vision”, a minority report from the ranks of the left nevertheless wishes to go in the direction of the municipal conclusions, with an additional subsidy over five years. Coming from the Payer Socialists and Independents Party (PSIP), the two commissioners support their municipal Nicolas Schmid, in charge of the file. The plenum will have the last word.


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Sébastien Galliker has been a journalist in the Vaud section since 2017. At the Payerne office, he covers news from Broye Vaud and Fribourg. A journalist since 2000, he has worked at La Broye Hebdo, in sports and in the region.More informations @sebgalliker

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