tickets and Navigo passes available on iPhone. How it works ?

tickets and Navigo passes available on iPhone. How it works ?
tickets and Navigo passes available on iPhone. How it works ?

No need for a card anymore, a simple gesture with your iPhone is now enough to validate your transport ticket in Île-de-France. This Tuesday, May 21, the president of IDFM Valérie Pécresse inaugurated this new device with her own iPhone in the Paris metro alongside Apple engineers. “In the transport revolution that I initiated in 2016, there is also the ticketing revolution. For better service to travelers and avoid congestion at stations”, Valérie Pécresse says happily.

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Apple users were undoubtedly impatiently awaiting this announcement. Since 2021, the iPhone has only allowed you to purchase and then load your subscription or ticket individually on the Navigo card, avoiding the need to use machines in stations. After years of negotiations between IDFM and Apple, it is now possible to pass through the security gate with your phone or Apple Watch.

To do this, you must connect for the first time to the Maps or Île-de-France Mobilités applications on your iPhone. Then register your transport ticket (monthly Navigo subscription, single ticket, etc.) and present your phone at the terminal. For the moment, weekly and monthly Navigo subscriptions can only be purchased on the IDFM application. For the moment, the Navigo card will remain necessary to validate annual and Imagine R packages, needing to be recharged only once a year.

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This device concerns iPhones from the XR to the most recent models. Thanks to “Transport Express” technology, users will be able to validate the transport ticket even if the battery has been discharged for more than five hours. In the event of loss or theft, all subscriptions will be stored in the Cloud, Apple’s secure storage service.

65 days before the Games

On this system, France was dragging its feet. Available since 2016 in Japan, then widespread in the United States, China, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong or our English neighbors, only Android phones have had this privilege in Île-de-France since October 2022. In question, Apple restricted the use of NFC technology, allowing “contactless” between the phone and the validation terminal, citing security problems with the Ile-de-France system.

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Since their dematerialization, 22 million transport tickets have been sold in Île-de-France, including 61% via iPhone, highlighting the need of users. This system aims to “make life easier for users, particularly occasional users, by avoiding long queues at recharging terminals”, indicates IDFM 65 days before the Games. While 15 million tourists are expected from July 23 to September 8.



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