Yvelines: after a road dispute, the father had his left lung and spleen perforated

Yvelines: after a road dispute, the father had his left lung and spleen perforated
Yvelines: after a road dispute, the father had his left lung and spleen perforated

Several hours in the operating room, his left lung and spleen perforated… This father came close to death in Jouars-Pontchartrain (Yvelines), following a road dispute. It was on April 26, near the Mousseaux roundabout. This Tuesday afternoon, Pape, 52, appeared before the Versailles criminal court supported by his wife, his gait still unsteady, a great calm on his face despite the violence of the attack of which he was the target.

Jarod, 24, suspected of stabbing the father of the family, was to be tried for armed violence in the company of his cousin, aged 25, and prosecuted for complicity. The judges decided to send the file back to the prosecution so that the case could be examined by an investigating judge. It could benefit from a criminal classification, due to the risk of permanent disability incurred by the victim.

They abandoned the motorist bleeding in the middle of the road

On the morning of April 26, following an untimely overtake, an altercation broke out between the father of the family and two young men, who crossed his path in this town of 6,000 inhabitants, where he lives. One of the young people storms out of the vehicle, hits the father with his fists and stabs him in the chest with a bladed weapon. He gets back into the car driven by his cousin, abandoning his bleeding victim on the road. The two individuals left and were arrested a few hours later by the gendarmes of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, at their workplace in Maurepas.

Pape owes his salvation only to the intervention of local residents, witnesses to the scene, who immediately called emergency services. Taken care of by the firefighters and the Samu, he was transferred to Percy hospital, in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine), in absolute emergency. Percy’s doctor who examined him that day assessed his total incapacity for work (TTI) at fourteen days. On the certificate given to the courts, he indicated that this estimate should be re-evaluated. Given the seriousness of his injuries, the father risks permanent disability.

“The procedure would, in this case, become criminal, and it would no longer be up to us to judge you,” the president explained at the hearing. We do not have any expertise at the moment. The file is therefore incomplete.” “This is a case of extreme violence and we are faced with a legal obstacle which justifies the return to investigation,” added the prosecutor.

The victim thinks of his shocked neighbors…

From the detainees’ box, in his large Lacoste sweatshirt, Jarod listened to the debates without blinking. He lives in Rambouillet and has no criminal record. Kept in detention at the end of the hearing, he was to meet the investigating judge immediately, this Tuesday. Marlonn, his cousin, appeared free. He will also be summoned before the investigating judge.

Faced with the photos of the injuries inflicted on his client, the chest larded with three wounds, the largest of which extends over 8 cm, Me Langlois-Thieffry, lawyer at the Versailles bar, highlighted “the major fears of this father of the family and his wife, terrified at the idea of ​​meeting the attackers again in the street.

“My client, calm and dignified, shows an astonishing attitude,” confides the lawyer after the hearing. The first time I saw him, he spoke to me about his neighbors, explaining to me that he was sorry for them, that they must have been very shocked because they saw him with the viscera that came out of the abdomen… He also says that this affair will serve as a lesson to him so as not to make any more driving errors! Whereas the victim is indeed him. I’ve never heard that in my entire career. »



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