In Aveyron, hunters and bikers sign a partnership agreement

You have to know how to come out of the woods and work together “. This is essentially what hunters and bikers agreed. They who often meet in the woods as part of their respective leisure activities.

Also, the idea of ​​closer collaboration gained ground and Nicolas Barthe was the master of this partnership. It started with the organization of sporting events during which hunters and bikers found themselves in an area they know well, that of volunteering.

It must be said that bikers maintain the paths, hunters too. Hunters plant hedges, bikers do the same.

Everyone meets on the field, meets each other, greets each other and respects each other. Also, the idea of ​​this convention is to ratify this notion of working together and above all to continue in the desire for the most harmonious sharing of space and this, in the greatest possible way. respect for private property.

This agreement was signed in the presence of Willy Schraenpresident of the National Federation of Hunters and Vincent Rigaudiasvice-president of the French Motorcycling Federation.

Both stressed that the FDC 12 represented by its president Jean-Pierre Authier and the Aveyron Departmental Motorcycle Committee represented by its president Jérôme Linstruisseur most likely had just paved the way for a national convention.

The FDC 12 does not intend to stop there since there is also talk very soon of a partnership agreement with hikers and also with other outdoor sports.




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