FACT OF THE DAY We tested the Nîmes-Dublin line

FACT OF THE DAY We tested the Nîmes-Dublin line
FACT OF THE DAY We tested the Nîmes-Dublin line

With 15,312 passengers transported between the beginning of May and the end of October 2023, the Nîmes-Dublin line is a Tom Thumb in air traffic. Objectif Gard took a 55 cm suitcase – no more – and put on a windbreaker to reach this very lively little capital which escapes overtourism. But is it really cheaper to travel with Ryanair? What are the pitfalls to avoid ? What to see in Dublin?

“I fly high in the skYYY”, “I fly high in the skYYY”. On this spring Wednesday, a little voice hums in English:
“I fly high in the sky. » Coloring, modeling clay, this Irishman’s mother has deployed the whole range but, after an hour and a half of flight, she cannot prevent this improvised concert. The cheerful tone of this little 4 year old cheers up a lady who is a little upset because she was not able to sit next to her friend. She must not have known that with Ryanair, if you want to travel alongside your loved ones, you have to pay an extra cost.

An explosive shower

“I fly high in the skyYYY”. The excitement of the little Irishman also amuses a 12-year-old French teenager. He almost forgets his morning adventures. When this blonde with blue eyes presented himself at the control zone of Nîmes airport to board, the security agents blocked him. His papers and suitcase were in order but he tested positive for explosives! One passage, two passages under the detectors and always the same sentence: positive. The mother was questioned and her answers carefully noted: what are her hobbies? Did anyone touch his stuff? What did he do before coming to the airport?
“He took a shower”, replied the mother. And there you have it, the culprit identified: it’s chamomile shower shampoo. …

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